2022 Interior Design Fall/Winter Trends


As trends come and go, this fall and winter are the perfect seasons for you to relive the 70’s to a luxurious standard! After these last two troublesome years, during the next months your home needs to feel even more cozy and warm, with functional spaces to entertain the family and friends you weren’t able to welcome before!

In the fall and winter of 2022, it’s all about coming backs. There is no doubt that this season will be defined by long-lasting trends, new takes on old favorites and timeless classics. The variety of options means you’ll have no problem designing stylish and perpetual spaces with The Club’s help.


When you think of fall, your mind automatically sees warm and earthy colors, tones that make you feel warm and comfortable. Orange and dark green are the perfect combination to transform any space of your home, elevating its ambiance and remitting you and your guests to the season that’s upon us.

Adding to the sophisticated strand of the design, you can also incorporate golden toned pieces that radiate in the midst of the warmth. The the usage of natural finishes, such as wood, is another flawless technique to enhance the cozy feeling of the design that you desire, enriching the space and transmitting you a calming sensation that you wouldn’t be able to feel otherwise.


During the pandemic, we weren’t able to celebrate any fall or winter festivity with those we would love to, making this the year to go all out! With that in mind, point to design spaces with entertainment in first place on your list of priorities.

A great addition to your home should be a bar area, the perfect place for you to host your get together’s in style! With The Club’s furniture pieces, you will be able to invite as much guests as you would like, as we offer incredible and sizable seating – such as marvelous modular sofas and significant single sofas!


Truth is we all love the concept of open and multifunctional spaces, there’s endless possibilities to explore and designs to create! With this approach, you have the ability to join two spaces in one, creating a freeing feeling and elongating your home as much as you would like!

Connecting the living and the dining room, this creative design by The Club allows you to be inspired by an elevated manner of this fall and winter trend. Incorporating natural elements and using the green tones previously mentioned, this space is a rich design and invokes mid-century luxury and functionality, elegance and well-being.


Most of people are permanently working from home, therefore there’s a current necessity to adapt the spaces to their needs and to design them in a way that represents their personality while inspiring them to have the best performance they can.

With bold colors and stunning furniture and lighting pieces, there’s endless possibilities to brighten up the spaces you see with more frequency in your home this season! Add life to any room you desire, create an ambiance that feels like you.

There’s no bigger trend than the return of the 70’s décor! The next seasons of 2022 are all about the mid-century modern and The Club is here to inspire you and to provide you the best pieces on the market! With a strong design and remarkable features, our furniture and lighting fixtures are the best of the best.

Through the incorporation of mid-century pieces, there’s a natural evocation of a fall mood, with the darker accents and tones you can feel the warmth and coziness of any room that you decide to place them in. Make your home feel like a luxurious autumn or winter evening.


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Born from the necessity of showcasing the elegant and exquisite side of the 20s to the 60s era, the Mid-Century Club is the perfect fusion of lighting and furniture design pieces originated by the sister brands DelightFULL and Essential Home.

Through the hard work and unique technique of our amazing artisans, our timeless pieces are made from the highest quality materials. The Club believes that excellency and heart-felt work is what defines and characterizes our collections.

Known to be the captivating source of color and fun from this era, the Club is here to present you with a charming, incomparable experience full of timeless moments. With an exclusive tone to each and every piece, the Mid-Century Club is here to offer an everlasting showcase of the mid-century world and its breathtaking inspirations.


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