3 Benefits of Motorised Window Dressings

With smart homes being the way of the future, we are presented with countless ways to improve our homes all in the shape of security, style, and convenience. Kim Ray, interior expert at Victory, shares her insight of the benefits of motorised window dressings.

According to a recent study by Statista, in 2022, a whopping 77% of people in Australia own smart technology devices in their homes. Amongst them were smart entertainment, lighting, security systems and appliances.

With this being said, we are sharing some comments below from Kim Ray, Interior Expert at Victory about the 3 main benefits of having motorised window dressings in your home.

motorised window dressings

Adjust for light

Eliminate the first chore of the morning, opening your blinds manually, and introduce motorised blinds into your bedroom. Treat yourself to a gradual hands free awakening and set your blinds to open when the sun rises in the morning and to close when the sun goes down in the evening.

Adjust for shade

When dining outdoors, pesky insects and unwanted sunlight can cause a negative experience. Controlled from the comfort of your table so you don’t have to interrupt your dining, motorised blinds in your outdoor dining space give you the perfect amount of shade and keep you sheltered from bugs.

Adjust for security

Having large windows can be a blessing when the sun decides to make an appearance.. However, large windows can also attract unwanted attention such as nosey neighbours or people looking through without permission. Motorised blinds can give you that sense of security you may be looking for. With smart technology, you can close the blinds from your phone, so it appears as though you’re in when you may not be.


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