With more people working from home, it’s more important than ever that the home itself is functional, mindful and restorative.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture And Choice, shares 3 easy ways to style a serene space for a fresh start in 2021.

1. Create distinct zones for work, play and rest

Traditionally, the home has been a space to unwind from the office – and all the tasks associated with it – but recently, those boundaries have blurred.

“As so many of us are working from home, your space now needs to do multiple things: encourage productivity and creativity for work, while also preserving room to rest and relax,”

notes Rebecca.

“To strike this balance, creating separate zones within the home for different purposes is key.”

“If you don’t have space for a dedicated home office, you can still carve out sections of your living or dining area to work – it’s all about careful planning. Placing a small desk in an alcove and installing shelves is a versatile, functional way to create a clever working space. And once you’re done for the day, tidy the desk up, and you’d still have a cosy little corner with storage!”

Making strategic use of elements such as rugs, plants and paint can also go a long way when it comes to zoning the home and setting different moods.

“Greenery really helps to create a calm, peaceful home, and you can take it to the next level with a DIY plant room divider,”

says Rebecca.

“Not only does it bring nature into your room, it’s also a handy, beautiful way to keep your work space separate and quiet.

2. Use calming colours

Choosing the right colours for the home has always mattered, especially since colour can have a significant impact on mood and emotions. For a quiet, relaxing space, shades with a tranquil, natural quality, such as blue and green are ideal choices.

“Soft, light blue is a deeply calming hue, and research suggests that it’s actually one of the most restful colours for the eyes, which is great in a time when many people are spending more hours on their screens,” Rebecca advises. “Use light blue in the bedroom to help quieten the mind and as a signal to leave work at the door – it’s time to relax.”

Wood tones and neutral hues also have a calming feel, especially when paired together.

“Wooden furniture has an organic, tactile quality that makes a room feel more welcoming and warm. To play up its tranquil feel, keep the decor minimal and look for items that also bring in natural touches, such as eye-catching indoor plants, and woven rattan or wicker decor.

3. Introduce spa elements into the home

2020 has been an eventful year, and it’s highlighted the need for the home to be a safe, relaxing space. Take inspiration from spas and retreats to bring some of these elements into the home.

“The focus here is on creating that same immediate sense of an inviting, restful feel,”

Rebecca says.

“Investing in good sheets and pillows is one option, but this can also be done without spending a lot of money. A lovely candle or essential oil diffuser, especially if you choose scents such as lavender and geranium, is a great finishing touch, and also offers the potential of a calming daily ritual.”


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