Summer is almost here, and with that comes the anticipation of hot, sunny days and carefree getaways. That summer holiday feeling can also be captured at home through fresh updates of colours and materials.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture And Choice, shares 4 easy ways to create a holiday feel at home.

1. Create a relaxed coastal look reminiscent of a hot beach day

Caro Oatmeal Bed
Caro Oatmeal Bed

Invite a breezy beach feel into the home with airy white tones and cosy neutral furniture, punctuated with shades of blue that are reminiscent of the sea. Play up the summery vibes with natural textures and elements for a laidback, sophisticated space.


“The important thing here is not to overthink it,” says Rebecca. “Really it’s about creating a chic space that captures the ease and joy of being by the beach. Opting for a light, neutral palette helps to get us started, before then bringing in elements inspired by seaside getaways – wicker furniture, textured fabrics like jute and linen, and rustic clay mugs and vases.”

“A tropical indoor plant also instantly evokes hot summer days, and if you have a photo from a memorable beachside holiday, that’s a lovely finishing touch, to call back to summers past.”

2. Use sage green and soft textiles to evoke a green summer garden

Fairmont Oatmeal Fabric Double Bed
Fairmont Oatmeal Fabric Double Bed

One of the great pleasures of the hot, lazy days of summer is enjoying long walks outdoors, and the contrast between bright sunlight and cool shadows. Capture this feel in the home with an airy, nature-inspired look – keep the decor minimal, play up cool neutrals like sage green and cream, and layer in soft textiles.

“Sage green is a wonderful choice because of its ties to nature and summer greenery,” says Rebecca. “It looks especially beautiful when paired with white, as we’ve done in this tranquil summer bedroom. And complete the holiday feel with soft textiles for a luxurious quality – to really capture a sense of relaxation, it’s worth investing in quality bed linens and pillows.”

Bring in nature with other small touches like wicker baskets and bunches of pampas grass.

3. Add lively colours inspired by summer floral

Hampton Oatmeal Fabric 3+2 Seater Chesterfield Sofa Set - £1399.98
Hampton Oatmeal Fabric 3+2 Seater Chesterfield Sofa Set – £1399.98

A summer signature of the British countryside: bright, colourful flowers blooming in the sunshine, and warm, quiet lanes. Bring this theme indoors with neutral, light furniture; lively bouquets of summer blooms, and touches of warm gold reflecting the feel of the sun.

“Bright summer flowers instantly bring life and colour to the home,” Rebecca says. “And gold accents, whether in small decor or even as a coffee or side table, give a lot of warmth and polish – even in a classic neutral space, this combination gives a summery, elegant lift.”

4. Play with a tropical print for lush getaway vibes

Astor Oatmeal Bed
Astor Oatmeal Bed

Experiment with bold tropical prints to get a lush getaway feel. The key is to go big without being excessive.

“A statement feature wall with a tropical print gives your space a stylish, carefree quality,” advises Rebecca. “It also means you can keep the rest of your room simple and still get that impact and oomph. Here, this tropical palm print really shines against soft sage green, white walls and natural textures. And as a bonus, it’s easily achievable with removable wallpaper, making it a fun, relatively low-commitment way to get the look.”


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