Spring is the season of change, and as we nudge a little closer to the season we just wondered if you’d be interested in some bedroom decorating and redecorating advice we’ve gathered from Kim Ray, Interiors Expert at Victory Blinds.

5 mistakes you might be making when redecorating a bedroom as Kim Ray, Interiors Expert shares her expertise

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1.Choosing the wrong window dressings

Making sure we choose the right style of window dressing in our bedroom is vital for a great night’s sleep. Blockout Roman fabrics are an ideal choice for bedrooms as they help prevent the light coming into your room and keeping you awake.

With Roman blinds, you can also add motorisation so you can effortlessly schedule your blinds to open and close when you want to go to sleep or wake up.

Blockout curtains are also one of the best window dressings for a bedroom, as similar to blinds, they block out external light and noise allowing you to rest and restore your body.

2.Picking out the wrong colour palette

A bedroom is a place of relaxation so you want to choose a colour palette that promotes a peaceful atmosphere and encourages our body to switch off. Decorating with neutral colours, like stone, blues and light sage have that calming effect on the body and work especially well in the bedroom when combined with soft textured accessories, like throws and cushions.

It might be worth avoiding bright and bold pops of colour, like red and deep purples, as these shades are proven to stimulate the brain and make you feel more active.

3.Placing accessories in the wrong location

Mirrors are a great accessory addition to your bedroom, working in both a functional and decorative way. They reflect natural light around the room, making a bedroom feel more open and spacious, whilst also acting as eye-catching wall decor.

But one top tip, don’t place a large mirror in eyesight from your bed. Reflections can trick your mind into thinking there’s other people or things in the room, disturbing your peaceful night’s sleep and potentially causing unwanted nightmares!

4.Picking a rug that’s too big or too small for the room

I’m a massive fan of rugs in the bedroom, but despite what you might think, the size of your rug in relation to your bedroom space and positioning of furniture can have a huge effect on design.

Rugs that are too small can look awkward and out of place in a large room, whilst large rugs which take up your whole flooring can make a bedroom feel smaller than it actually is. A cosy, medium sized rug is perfect.

5. Skipping the declutter before starting redecorating

There’s no point even choosing a new paint colour for your bedroom unless you’ve had a big declutter of the space first. Get everything out of your bedroom and lay it all out so you can make a decision as to whether or not you want to keep it.

Decluttering your whole bedroom and removing unnecessary items before you redecorate is a much needed fresh start!

There were five mistakes to consider when decorating a bedroom with colors and furniture recommendations.


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