With spring getting into full swing, your thoughts may be turning to reflecting this joyful season throughout your home, and the bedroom is a great place to start. For most of us, our bedding is the focal centre of the room, and switching it out is an easy way to make a big statement.

Spring is also a great time to fall in love with linen as a bedding material. It’s ideal for the warmer seasons because it’s highly breathable and moisture-wicking, helping you stay cool and comfortable all night long. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be putting it away when winter rolls around; its temperature-regulating qualities mean it can keep you warm in winter without overheating. Gentle on the planet, linen is an amazing choice for eco-conscious individuals who want to treat themselves to a luxurious sleeping environment.

LinenBarn have a great selection of high-quality linen bedding that is perfectly suited to the season of new beginnings. Check out these 5 ways to freshen up your bedroom this spring with luxurious linens.

1.Use white as a backdrop for bright pops of spring colour

Pure White linen bedding products are the ideal backdrop for splashes of whatever spring colours get your heart racing. Vivid lime green accents look amazing against optical white, or you could opt for a big arrangement of faux pink tulips on a bedside table or dresser. Spring-themed cushions can turn your bed into the perfect spring refuge. If you want to go all in, you could even paint your walls a spring colour as well – or go for a single accent wall if you’re not that brave. With white, anything goes!

What we love best about the pure white bedding items is their supreme versatility. Not only will they look amazing right now with your spring colour scheme, but you can easily switch out your greens and pinks for blue accents when the temperatures rise to give your bedroom the perfect coastal summer vibe.

2.Look to nature for inspiration

Bring the blue of gorgeous Australian skies into your bedroom with calming light blue gingham linen bedding. It’s just the right shade to pair with darker blues, but it looks equally gorgeous with white linen pieces. Whether you’ve got a beautiful white upholstered headboard, a metal headboard, or a wicker one, you can’t go wrong with light blue gingham bedspread.

While we’re looking to the great outdoors for inspiration, why not bring some plants into your room? Plants work with all colour schemes, and you can invest in a decorative pot to tie it into the bedding if you want. Some plants can even aid a good night’s sleep – just be sure to choose a pet-friendly variety if you have any furry friends living in your house!

3.Add some peachy springtime cheer

The peach gingham linen bedding set is inspired by everyone’s favourite fuzzy stone fruit. Peach pays a more subtle homage to the season than pink, and it always looks fresh and chic.

We love this cheerful tone and how nicely it works with a broad range of colour schemes, so don’t hold back! You can easily incorporate greens, blues, or yellows into the room with this bedspread. To really ramp up the springy vibe, you can diffuse some essential oils with a fresh scent, like lemongrass or lavender, throughout the room.

4.Go earthy!

If your tastes lean more toward the earthy than the pastel, then sandstone linen quilt cover is the perfect piece to infuse your bedroom with springtime warmth. This yellowy-beige quilt cover will certainly do all the talking, which means you can keep the rest of the room low-key. It looks nice in rooms that have natural décor, and pairs perfectly with sandstone gingham pieces.

While you’re changing your linens, why not rearrange your room a bit as well? It’s an easy way to freshen up the space without spending money. Perhaps you’ll bring in a vase or plant from the living room, relocate a mirror from the hall, or try placing your dresser on a different wall.

5.Give the room a fun vibe

Gingham is a pattern that calls to mind a favourite spring pastime: picnics! Our sandstone gingham bedspread is a subtle reminder that the days of enjoying a relaxed lunch in nature are here again. It’s an easy way to liven up a bedroom that is feeling dull and wintery, and it’s especially suited to rooms that have wood furniture or floors.

Pair with optical white sheets to let the gingham pattern stand out or ground it with solid sandstone sheets from if you prefer a deeper colour.

Spring is the perfect time to update your linens

The finest linens, some artfully arranged spring blooms and lush indoor greenery are the perfect ways to welcome spring into your home, so check out LinenBarn‘s eco-friendly linen bedding collection made from 100% certified European flax and embrace the season.


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