An accent piece – is the item people notice first about your home decor. It is most commonly a piece of art – such as sculpture, vase, or a bowl. But it can also be something a little more luxurious, unique or quirky, like an architectural teapot or a genuine shagreen box for example.

It is true it might take some skills, but honestly – with just a bit of thought, planning and a touch of creative flair; any item in your personal collection, however small or inexpensive, can also go from a yawn to a massive “YES”. But remember! Accent pieces deserve special attention – put them in a place of honour in order to make a major statement. For such display, you’ll want everything to be perfect: the location, the light and the décor. Give the work of art enough room around and the surface space to have its full effect, which applies equally to small and large pieces. The accent piece will be an absolute stunner even in small rooms or a niche.

Bold is back in fashion, and we’re not just talking about the colour. We’ve put together a small list of accent pieces from international artists specifically curated by the team at Micucci Interiors, which will get you started on transforming your home into a museum-worthy space. Whether you are traditional, and love the timeless style, or glam, and need more embellishment in your life; step out of your comfort zone and try one of the decorating ideas to give any room that wow-factor!

Folkifunki Vases

1. “Folkifunki” Fine Ceramic Objects by Jaime Hayon. £360.00 – £590.00

These transitional, clean-lined decorative ceramic objects will take a centre placement on any table with their radiant vintage hues. Nothing will ever take any attention away from​ these beautiful designs!

Water Bag Sculpture2. “Water Bag” Glass Sculptures by Dylan Martinez. £1,395.00 – £5,600.00

These hyper-realistic glass sculptures will add the sparkle you’ve been looking for! One of the best-selling pieces will certainly demand a very special place to display such an incredible addition to your art collection.Each sculpture is both hollow and solid, and is individually hand-sculpted from a crystal-clear glass. A fun addition to your art collection, fooling most people who look at them!Blue Ming3. Blue Ming” Porcelain Boxes by Marcel Wanders. £700.00 – £950.00

These hand-crafted porcelain boxes with lid will become a focal point in any room on their own. Place them in the centre of your dining table in order to start the conversations over their​ exquisite design.This versatile collection features symmetrical parts with sculptural elements, reinventing the century-old tradition of Delft porcelain, called Delft Blue.Pharos Tea Set4. “Pharos” Tea Set by Vista Alegre. £495.00

We are absolutely speechless over the remarkable sculptural design of this tea set, which will make an exceptional decorative object in any kitchen. When assembled, this piece will add drama to your space. Plus, it is functional!Saggar Display Plate5. “Saggar” Ceramic Display Plate by Denis Di Luca. £600.00

The trendy organic look of this display plate will add striking colour to any ordinary space. Make sure to choose a central shelf to place this​ must-have statement piece.

Bouroullec6. “Decoupage” Vases by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. £320.00

Dashing a couple of these pieces on your bookshelf; vases’ unique sculptural shapes will prove that small accents can still make a big impact.

Bernardo The Panda7. “Bernardo The Panda” by Elena Salmistraro. £1,350.00

Daring, colourful, and simply gorgeous; these sculptures will steal any spotlight! Pair them with neutral, solid-coloured decorative pieces, so they can​ truly shine.Naked Raku Vase8. “Naked Raku” Vase by Denis Di Luca. £440.00

Don’t be afraid to go bold with organic statement pieces. It’s a playful decorating move, that won’t go unnoticed.

Primate Vase9. “Primate” Fine Ceramic Vases by Elena Salmistraro. £990.00

Using a combination of vibrant colours, textures and patterns is an easy way to pull in hues from your colour palette ​and show off the room style. Produced in fine ceramic and enriched with coloured glazes and precious metals; these pieces will add a touch of luxuriousness to any interior.

Micucci Interiors was established in 2017 to allow everyone to find the most beautiful and unique Home Decor, Tabletop Accessories and Fine Art under one roof – something exclusive, luxury, bold, fun and quirky. Every day, the professional team of interior designers, art curators and stylists help clients with sourcing special pieces for their homes and interior design projects. The entire collection displayed on our platform is carefully hand-picked and developed by our in-house Team together with the affiliated artists and artisans.


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