Wood flooring in the kitchen equals a recipe for disaster? Not according to the experts at Woodpecker Flooring.

Woodpecker Flooring is going against the grain to show if homeowners choose their flooring wisely, wood can be a stylish AND practical addition to the heart of the home.

Darwyn Ker, Managing Director of Woodpecker Flooring, said: “Wood naturally expands and contracts as heat and moisture levels rise and fall. In most rooms of the home, these changes are small but heat and steam from cooking can cause larger fluctuations in the kitchen.


“Which is why choosing the right type of wood flooring and keeping the kitchen well ventilated, especially when cooking, is key.”

Thanks to its multi-layered construction, engineered wood flooring is a great option as it provides good stability in the challenging conditions often associated with kitchens. Because of its advanced construction, there is minimal expansion, contraction and warping.


Woodpecker’s next-generation Stratex ranges are ideal for the challenges of any kitchen. These incredibly strong and stable boards boast a choice of top layer; the Brecon collection offers 20 shades of durable, waterproof woodgrain-effect vinyl, while the Lynton collection has 6 real wood finishes – for both style and practicality. Both the Brecon and Lynton collections are perfect for spaces with high humidity and temperature variation.

Solid woods should be avoided.

Darwyn added: “The kitchen is the heart of any home, and a natural wood floor can really inject warmth and character into this most important of rooms.


“Truly bringing nature indoors with flowing grains and elegant finishes, wooden floors are a beautiful and very practical addition that will look great for years to come.

“There is a real versatility to wood floors and something to suit every style, enhancing both modern and traditional kitchens.”

About Woodpecker Flooring

Woodpecker is a family-run business with a heritage in the timber industry that goes back three generations.

Founded nearly 50 years ago by Bruce Ker, a skilled craftsman who loved teaching people how to work with wood, the Woodpecker tradition is continued today by his son Nelson and grandson Darwyn.

Since the very beginning, Woodpecker have been passionate about designing and sourcing the finest wooden floors.

Their dedication starts in the forest. Woodpecker only use responsibly sourced wood with full FSC® or PEFC certifications, selecting the trees before they are felled and paying close attention to how they are sawn, stacked and dried.

The dry wood is then kilned twice for maximum stability before being machined. Centuries-old hand-finishing techniques – such as lacquering, oiling and antiquing the wood – further enhance its natural beauty.

It’s fair to say, nobody knows or cares more about wood than Woodpecker.

Headquartered in Caerphilly, Woodpecker currently offer over 60 flooring options in real wood, engineered wood and bamboo which retails online and at nationwide stockists. Woodpecker Flooring are represented by homes & interiors specialists jwc.


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