Online wall art print destination Claude & Leighton® introduces its collection of portraits of spiritually beautiful and interesting women wearing fabulously layered headdresses.

All the portraits are created by artist, designer and co-founder of Claude & Leighton, Jayne Leighton Herd. Each portrait is designed to be a moment of serenity, a moment of reflection. And a portrayal of femininity.

So far the collection includes Lady with the Mauve Carnation, Lady with the Purple Rose, and Lady with the Magenta Flower.

Jayne Leighton Herd explains:

“I am so passionate about this collection, and will continue to add new pieces to it. I get lost for hours building up all the layers and details of each lady and her headdress. I can almost hear people wondering: “What do the headdresses represent?” Well, they are my expression of the complexity and multifaceted layers of women. Never take a woman at face value, which is why some of the ladies in the collection have their faces partially covered. Or presume to know everything about her in one glance.”

The women in these portraits may simply seem enigmatic, especially when their elaborate headdresses cover their faces. Yet there is more to it. The layers of flowers, feathers, leaves, textures and birds represent feminine creativity, emotions, versatility, intuition and imagination.

Jayne Leighton Herd adds,

“The elements of flora and fauna also express a love and empathy for nature.”

Available in various sizes, each fine art print is printed with high-quality, fade resistant inks on premium heavyweight 310gsm, 100% cotton rag archival paper with a textured finish.⁠

Each portrait works well as a standalone print, or could be included as part of a gallery wall display. The tranquil feel of these art prints means that they would be particularly ideal to hang in a bedroom or calm space.

Discover Claude & Leighton’s collection of portrait art prints of ladies with flower headdresses.

Claude & Leighton® is an online destination for high-quality, contemporary art prints, posters and wall decor. From abstracts and landscapes; portraits and animal art; to fine art photography and typography, Claude & Leighton offers prints in a variety of genres, to enable people to enhance their homes and offices with expressions of style and personality.

All art, prints and posters are created and produced in Britain to the highest quality from Claude & Leighton’s Berkshire print studio, and carefully packed in gift-ready, British-made, eco-friendly packaging.


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