Mowing is important to ensure the healthier growth of grass. It also gives a sleek look to your yard. So, if you are planning to mow it manually, then you need to rethink. For a smaller yard, the manual mower is a good idea, but you must invest in a good quality electric lawnmower for a larger yard. In this blog, we will discuss electric lawnmower buying tips and the types of electric lawnmower.

Types of electric lawnmower:

Electric Lawnmower

Electric cylinder mowers:

These are not very common, but slowly they are becoming popular. These offer efficient cutting and ideal for prolonged use. However, you have to spend more money on this model than the other types of lawnmowers.

Rotary electric lawnmowers:

If you are looking for a lightweight and easy-to-use mower, this is the right choice. Also, it is not very expensive.

Hover lawnmowers:

For a smaller yard, however, lawnmowers are the best choices. Don’t misjudge their smaller size; these are highly efficient and powerful. A most noteworthy feature of this lawnmower is that it is compact, and you can easily store it. This one doesn’t have a wheel, so moving it around can be a daunting task.

Electric push mowers:

Again, these are powerful machines that are available at budget-friendly pricing. These are easy to use, and you can move them around without any difficulty. These work best for small and flat gardens.

Self-propelled mowers:

These mowers are good for yards that spiral in 500 square meters, and the ones that have a slope. These have automatic propulsion that moves the machine without putting much pressure or force on it. In simple words, this is an easy-to-use machine, and perfect for small or flat gardens.

Mowers with mulchers:

If you are looking for an advanced mower, this one is the right choice. Mulching feeds the finely chopped grass back into the soil, and this grass works as a fertilizer. You have the option of buying an electric mower with a mulcher and without it. But remember, that mulch-only model will not be suitable for long grasses. So, consider your need before you invest in a mower.

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Battery-operated mowers:

Want to get rid of entangling wire and messy wires, you need to invest in battery-operated mowers. These are also efficient lawnmower and have the power to mow yards with ease. Before buying a battery-operated mower, you must also check the longevity of the battery and their weight as it is slightly higher than other mowers.

Robotic lawnmower:

Technology has brought in many changes and transformations; it has made the business process easier and faster. Robotic mowers are one such invention that makes the task of mowing an easy-breezy task. These are battery-operated and have a sensor in them that helps the machine recognize the premises and terrain. But again this will be a costlier version. If you are looking for a cheaper option in a robotic lawnmower, you can invest in robot mowers that work using a boundary wire, but you need to spend more time setting it up. You must do the boundary wire installation before starting to use the mower.

Robot mowers are perfect for yards not more than 2000 square meters. Moreover, you don’t have to drag this mower along the yard, so you can sit back and relax while the mower does the job for you.


This was the basic information about the types of electric lawnmowers present in the market. Ensure that you assess the yard’s size, budget, and quality of the electric lawnmower before buying it.


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