A Table fit for a King!

With their diverse blooms, geraniums not only look great in tubs, boxes, pots or beds, but also make great cut flowers. By the time we get to May – and the Coronation of King Charles III – these multi-coloured, sun-loving beauties will be coming into their own.


Cost-effective, tolerant to drought and most garden diseases and pests, these are the ideal plants to create beautiful displays for garden parties, picnics and other al fresco events.


As flowering plants will not only tirelessly produce new blossoms from spring through to autumn, it’s no problem if you cut their flower stems. In fact, it stimulates even more flower formation.


The experts at Pelargonium for Europe (PfE) offer some decorating ideas featuring cut geranium stems or flowers that are easy to recreate and show off the colourful diversity of these low-maintenance summer flowers perfectly, both indoors and out.


Geraniums are so much more than red or pink trailing plants that adorn facades, balconies or lampposts. These easy-care blooming marvels are among the most versatile summer flowers of all.

Their blooms dazzle, not only in red and pale pink, but also in hot pink, lilac, violet, salmon, orange, white and even in two or more colours at the same time. Geraniums come in large, medium and small sizes and with single, semi-double and double flowers.


Some look like tulips or roses, others like stars or butterflies. Decoration ideas using them as cut flowers emphasise their rich colours and variety of shapes especially well.

One very simple and cost-effective DIY idea for a garden party or summer celebration is to fill ice cream cones with colourful geranium flowers make a cheerful table decoration that’s guaranteed to put everyone in a good mood.

Tip: To keep the blooms fresher for longer, insert the stems into soaked floral foam. A small plastic bag around the foam stops the cones getting soft.


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