Adding beautiful blue hues to Walls grows in Popularity for 2021 Interiors


The colour blue, from sophisticated deep navy to bright and light pale hues, is continuing its popularity trend for interiors through 2021. British online art print destination Claude & Leighton® is seeing that trend reflected in the wall art choices its customers are making.

Proving particularly popular are the company’s striking blue contemporary abstracts with accent pops of bright pink or orange, as well as its beautiful botanical art prints in calm and serene pale and pastel blues. And now Claude & Leighton has introduced a new set of three Blissful Blue Leaves art prints.

Jayne Leighton Herd, British artist and co-founder of Claude & Leighton, who painted the artwork for the prints, intends them to bring a sense of nature to a room.

Jayne explains: “Blue is a colour that I have a real affinity with and love to use regularly in my art. Blue has such a strong association with nature, from sky to sea, which makes it reassuring and spiritually comforting to live with. The artwork for these prints is all about a celebration of the beauty of leaves and petals, using a limited palette of blues. Nature is represented both in the compositions of foliage, and in the contrasts of blue hues, which bring a sense of the outdoors into a space.”


Fellow Claude & Leighton co-founder, Laurent Stadelmann adds: “Blue is a colour that most people like and feel drawn towards. You can keep blue simple and fresh, calming, or make it sing with a splash of a different colour such as yellow or pink. Blue is versatile with its range of shades, which makes it relatively easy to decorate your home with.”

Claude & Leighton’s new Blissful Blue Leaves art prints are available in various sizes, either as a set of three or individually. They are printed using high quality, fade-resistant inks on smooth premium heavyweight, acid-free, archival paper to ensure they will last a lifetime.⁠

Discover Claude & Leighton’s Blissful Blue Leaves art prints, and all of its beautiful blue wall art.

Claude & Leighton® is an online destination for high-quality, contemporary art prints and wall decor. From abstracts and landscapes; portraits and animal art; to botanical art and typography, Claude & Leighton offers prints in a variety of genres, to enable people to enhance their homes and offices with expressions of style and personality.


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