Long summer days are always a cause for celebration! After a time like no other, this summer is the perfect season to reconnect with loved ones and make up for lost time!

With both family and friends gathered around, there’s no place like home to host a summer soiree. Good weather, good company and a magical ambiance will create nights to remember!


This summer is all about elevating the everyday, creating spaces to share authentic moments of joy and happiness with loved ones. Opting for an informal approach to your alfresco entertaining decor will mean that your guests can truly relax and savor time spent together.

By incorporating touches of nature with foliage within your display by hanging a wreath above your tablescape, paired with the warm glow of string lights, you’ll be able to create an intimate and soothing atmosphere for your gathering.


Blur the lines between indoor and out by surrounding your entertaining space with rustic touches. Elevate your table by including natural bamboo lanterns within your display.

The rustic textures of the bamboo combined with soft flameless candlelight will merge the cocooning sense of the indoors with a natural outdoor aesthetic to create a cozy open-air setting this summer.


Finally, take your alfresco entertaining to the next level with a showstopping statement piece. Guarantee a starry night sky by zig-zagging string lights overhead for a magical glow to celebrate under, or finish your exterior walls with a flourish with sparkling hanging Tyvek lanterns, creating a playful and jovial summer glow that your guests will love!


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