Bedroom Design With Gracious Handcrafted Details

As you can see, generous detailing and meaningful craftsmanship presented in each element of the space turns it into a unique interior.


It feels like an autumn ambience with a scent of a sustainable summer. Blending a neutral colour scheme with pops of bold colours is one of the greatest ways to play with interior design for a great deal of personality.


As natural lighting is one of the 2022’s trends, bringing the outdoors in brought so much purity into the space not only because of the presence of wide windows but also because of the right, shiny flooring, and light furniture, valuing nature and its magic.

But, of course, if we look for a modern look we need to place the right furniture pieces in the right colours and shapes through curvature, neutral schemes, and pops of colour – without ever giving up on functionality and comfort.


Speaking of functionality, why don’t we just start with a highly innovative bedroom solution? Margot Bed has the essential shape, resulting in a unique upholstered piece.

bedroom design

With its soft lines and quality details, Margot Bed has a minimal and distinctive style promising to embrace every detail of your project.

bedroom design

Inside Side Table is lucky to be presented in such a warming atmosphere. This accessory features an x-shape base for an optical illusion. This contemporary design has an industrial look but it has the ability to look beautiful in every style.

Also, Grant Pouf fulfils the space with sophistication. It is available in three different sizes to accomplish various functions, being the go-to solution for every project.

bedroom design

The construction of this pouf combines aesthetics and ergonomics, featuring elegant piping in each corner of the piece, gracefully matching the piping that carefully hugs the entire piece.

bedroom design

Grant Pouf is a classic and elegant shape without giving up comfort.

For your coat and essential everyday objects as keys, the Ralph Hanger is distinguished by three tall vertical tubes and a vintage tray that rotates 360º.


For a living place with a socializing spirit, Juliet Sofa will do wonders.


Juliet is displayed in this bedroom for a welcoming vibe and to balance the proportions of the space. Its main curvature is supported by four legs and tubing for elegance and intimacy.

This graceful concept of endless comfort will upgrade your interior design game.

Bedroom Design

Every detail of this bedroom design is specially curated to produce a lustful look through shapes and high-quality materials while offering the comfort expected from the manual techniques of our ancestors we wish to maintain as long as it brings the right solutions for your projects.

“A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.”

– Juan Montoya

Established in 2009, Domkapa is an upholstery specialized brand based in Northern Portugal. Domkapa value the combination of four main elements: manual sewing techniques, high design solutions, comfort, and high-quality materials.


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