Brave Ground lighting with Besselink & Jones

Since the Dulux colour of the year for 2021 was released, beige and sandy hues have been such a popular choice within the interior world. From home accessories to paints, Brave Ground has made its stand already and influenced many to decorate their home with this relaxed hue.

Besselink & Jones have a variety of luxurious lighting that match with the new colour trend perfectly. So why not tap into some new lights and update your home.

Besselink & Jones

The W3-008 Michael wall light in Distressed brass with the 10″ Empire Shaped Shade, shadow pleat with smock, Honan Silk is ideal for bringing Brave Ground into your interior space. Pair with soft creams and gold accessories for a traditional and luxe look.

Besselink & Jones

If you are looking for a light that features Brave Ground but with a pop of colour, opt for the W3-010 Alexander wall light 1 fixed and 1 swing arm Distressed brass with the 9″ Square Shaped Shade, shadow pleat with smock, Honan Silk 156 & 178, Baby Blue and Pink Champagne Russia Braid. This classy light would be perfect for any living room that is craving a traditional touch.

Besselink & Jones

The F2-025, Corinthian column floor lamp in small Distressed brass with the 20″ Empire Shaped Shade in Gothic Pleat, Ecru Silk is a luxurious floor lamp that would pair well with whites and gold accents.


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