If you are looking to add some Chinese Inspired Lighting and Home Decor in time to celebrate the Chinese New Year, Cotterell & Co have some bespoke hand made products that will add those warm inviting touches to your home just in time.

One of their Interior Designers picked out a collection of products featuring Rustic Oranges, Reds, Florals and much more. The meaning on ‘Feng Shui’ actually comes from ancient Chinese beliefs, that the way your home or house is built or the way that you arrange objects affects your success, health and happiness. This term was the inspiration for the small collection.

Chinese Feng Shui

Here we have added a Giraffe Lamp with an Orange Shade. This was inspired from history going as far back as 1414. A Giraffe – a unknown creature at the time in china- was presented to an Emperor who immediately associated it with the qilin, an auspicious mythical creature. Next, they have Moooi Menagerie of Extinct Animals Bespoke Shade. The print celebrates extinct animals. The creatures are nestled amongst the outsize foliage picked out in stunningly vibrant colours. The inspiration for the next lamp was the Traditional Asian Rice Hat. The bespoke tapered shade is shaped in a similar way.

Cotterell & Co. have gone back to their roots to over 65 years ago in lampshade manufacture. They are now reinventing bespoke lighting by utilizing innovative techniques, new materials, in-house design and long-standing relationships. The result is exclusivity combined with endless variety, successfully tapping into the zeitgeist for all things bespoke.

Design your own bespoke lighting with Cotterell & Co. as they use innovative materials and use of scale to create the perfect pieces. Bring your style and room to life with a shade what’s lined in a wallpaper of your choice and covered in an array of luxurious materials – even your own if you’ve got some to spare.

Play with colours, textures, finishes and metallics. Lights transform when lit and you can change the complete look & feel of your room. Scale, choice and a huge range of fittings and fixtures is always a challenge for a small, family run business. What do you do? Play to your strengths, go the extra mile and innovate – use what you have. Cotterell & Co. create and design with customers and interior design clients alike, lighting schemes can be daunting, especially when starting from scratch. We offer a bespoke lighting specification service – answering all your lighting queries and we can also work off plan too.

Change doesn’t have to break the bank, a new shade can make all the difference – a little like throwing a new cushion on a sofa. Introducing new colours and textures – perhaps a little pattern can make a real change!


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