When it comes to interior design, one of the most important aspects is to make sure that your home interiors somehow feature a sense of nature in them. While adding greenery is the best way to do so, sometimes opting for sublime details that were inspired by the wonders of nature can also do the trick!

Over the years, PullCast’s team of designers and creatives have developed a comprehensive range of hardware families that are heavily influenced by worldwide subjects such as art, architecture, and nature! One, in particular, resonates astoundingly with the upcoming season and takes cue after one of the most incredible animal-induced phenomena, the honeycombs. The series of decorative hardware in question is the Comb family, which is comprised of ten exclusive designs, from cabinet and drawer handles to doorknobs that will certainly bring a more natural touch to any type of furniture or door design.


As previously mentioned, the grand design inspiration behind the peculiar aesthetic of Comb was based on one of the most pleasing sights in nature, the honeycombs phenomena. PullCast was so marveled by the angular perfection that bees can form, that the brand had no other choice than to create their interpretation.


Through extensive craftsmanship techniques, such as carving and polishing, every piece of the Comb hardware family highlights an irregularly circular shape that is in complete harmony with nature. Most of the pieces found within this collection present a brass silhouette that is best contrasted on neutral-toned or darker furnishings, especially if the latter benefits from rich materials such as wood, leather, or even marble.

The Comb family is a part of PullCast’s Earth collection, a design series that takes everyone on a sensorial journey through the Earth’s most absolute creations. Furthermore, its essence is driven by the brand’s incessant pursuit of distinguished forms, shapes, textures, and colors.

Last year, PullCast created another Comb piece, but this time for the Limited Edition collection due to its sense of legacy and rarity. While sharing the same basis as its counterpart, this new drawer handle version features both details in brass and cubic zirconia crystals, highlighting a more glimmering nature perfect to bestow any style of furniture design.

PullCast was born digging deep into the wonders of nature by a jeweler and a designer, who adore collecting objects from outdoor experiences. Crossing the worlds of jewelry and design only led to a path of exploring new aesthetic design approaches with architectural and artistic strong influences. Expect to find diverse ranges of styles on collectible sculptural hardware, wide spreading a sense of rarity and legacy, grounded by ancient forms of craft. As artists, we are dedicated to crafts and surrounded with craftsmen with great expertise, passionate about their art and your art. A true atelier, in search of the most high-quality materials and processes, to translate exquisiteness and exceptionality to our jewelry. Effortlessly we craft handmade customization, treasuring the creation of a bond with our customers. Handcrafted in Portugal and sold worldwide, we actively combine the use of noble materials with artisanal skills and techniques, favoring distinction. Enter in a voyage with us, outlining the quintessence of your designs.


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