Contemplate the Ultimate Essence of Comfort with MYSA

MYSA seeks to distinguish itself as an outdoor brand that wants to bring the concept of comfort and timeless design to new standards. Starting out just with a few elegant products in marble like the Mayer center table or the Suspicion side table, it has now grown into a full-fledged reference, having innovative designs across all categories. Discover a bit more about MYSA’s history by contemplating the brand’s classics, new exclusive outdoor products as well as inclusion in a series of luxury projects.

MYSABrand Classics​

MYSA welcomes everyone to a daring outdoor design experience! The brand’s classics are beautifully handmade pieces created with the most avant-garde materials, establishing original ways to decorate one’s outdoor projects. They have also led the way to what MYSA is today!

Vertigo Grey dining table​

MYSAVertigo is an imposing dining table set to become the focal point of any dining room set. This exclusive piece is embellished with a Carrara marble top and supported by an intersecting stainless steel base that raises up to sublime details. Vertigo is the ideal piece to add to an outdoor dining area for a modern classic touch.

Mayer center table​

MYSAThe Mayer center table was designed to express the luxury lifestyle. Its robust yet elegant form intertwined in marble and steel allows for geometric appeal and a modern aesthetic. Mayer will introduce luxury and style to any type of outdoors.

Suspicion side table​

MYSASculpted in Carrara marble and lined with polished stainless steel, Suspicion is the ideal side table for an outdoor area, whether by the pool or a relaxing lounge. Bringing a lavishing luxury touch to any space and joining the best of handcraft and design.

Galea Series

MYSAThe Galea family, comprised of exquisite and highly comfortable designs like an armchair, a sofa, a daybed, and a chaise lounge are a timeless outdoor series made to be durable and weather-resistant, brought to form through a combination of traditional weaving techniques and metalwork from Indonesia and Portugal. Benefiting from a neutral color scheme, these have their enhanced aesthetic through the use of materials such as stainless steel, powder coating, and synthetic fiber. Each one of these furniture designs is bound to bring an extra layer of style and refinement, thus becoming the idyllic pieces to rest while sunbathing or standing by a fire pit.

Hampton Upholstery​

MYSAThe Hampton outdoor designs were inspired by one of the world’s most elegant holiday destinations. The art of lounging gets a new meaning with each Hampton design, from the sun loungers to the armchairs. While simple in form, these outdoor pieces showcase a strong character and comfort, perfect to escape the city noise. Most of the Hampton pieces are completed in vintage wood, polished stainless steel, toffee fabric and crafted using weaving seashell techniques.

New Outdoor Products

Mysa has unveiled a comprehensive range of brand-new designs having innovation in mind. Some pieces are extended models of previous classics but were given a more detailed twist. The following lighting and furniture designs have made their world debut at the prestigious Feria Hábitat Valencia trade show.

Charla dining table

MYSAThe Charla outdoor dining table has distinctive details that make a delicate adjustment between the best hand-worked Teka wood with the warm and golden tones on its Calacatta Gold marble surface. This striking design fits in any contemporary outdoor dining space.

Myllo side table

MYSAMyllo’s architectural allure is undeniable as its design was inspired by the ambiguity of astounding structures worldwide. The Myllo side table is made with a series of timeless materials displayed in a towering manner, including a Carrara marble base, stainless steel support, and a smoked glass top.

Mayer side table

MYSAThe new Mayer side table was designed as an expression of luxury, combining both marble and glass in an architectural fashion. The veined marble column adds a classic look while the smoked glass takes on a pentagon shape for an extra layer of detail. This side table is complementary to LUXXU’s namesake center table, a series that spruces up any style of outdoor area.

Nebo floor lamp

MYSAIdeal for a paradisial outdoor setting, the Nebo floor lamp sets into the horizon with its metallic and marbleized structure, a stand-out combination that adds interest and dramatic flair. Nebo’s base is made of Carrara marble while two diagonal stainless steel frames of slightly different proportions make for a thought-provoking decor statement.

Magna ​Series

MYSAThe Magna wall and floor lamps are objects of pure contemplation, inspired by the awe-inspiring beauty of mountains and skylines. Their sculptural appeal is achieved by its glossy metallic frame in polished stainless steel, and the lighting proportion is made of alabaster, diffusing light softly and in a translucent way. Magna’s horizon-like inspiration makes it a superb complement to the outdoors.

Luxury Houses: Exclusive Projects with Mysa

MYSAIn partnership with sister brand, LUXXU, Mysa has been included in an assortment of exclusive luxury houses, providing a wide variety of outdoor living spaces. From Hong Kong to New York, these sumptuous homes were projected to exhibit both brands’ aesthetics while also giving plenty of interior design inspiration throughout.

Nature Penthouse in Hong Kong with Contemporary Outdoors

MYSAThe outdoor area of this Hong Kong project features organic materials, bespoke wooden floors, green elements, and conservatory furniture that match the style of the region. The grand architectural blocks also represent contemporary architecture and introduce soundness to the area. LUXXU opted for the Galea furniture family to adorn this outdoor area as they combine elegance and modernity in a particular manner.  Lastly, the Vertigo dining table in wood and marble becomes the perfect piece to host relaxing dinner gatherings.

A Refreshing Respite in Sierra Blanca

MYSARelax with friends or read in the Hampton Wood armchairs and Hampton Wood sofas in a spacious setting, and when night falls? For everyone’s comfort, the center table with a custom fire pit can be lit. Maybe you’d prefer to sunbathe or be shaded in MYSA’s Hampton Wood sun lounger? Along with the Suspicion side table, it never fails to add a lavish luxury touch to any outdoor space! After bathing in the reasonably sized swimming pool, and dinner time is approaching, you can still enjoy the warm breeze and have an outdoor feast with the Charla dining table and Charla dining chairs, which are made with a variety of luxurious and resistant materials, so you can fully enjoy your outdoor living experience.

A Luxurious Terrace of a Manchester Apartment​

MYSAFor this Manchester project, LUXXU wanted to take the outdoor scene to new heights, exploring the rooftop concept even further and enhancing the overall outdoor living experience. All outdoor furniture chosen for this project was conceived by MYSA. The imponent Vertigo Grey dining table in marble and the new upholstered Charla dining chairs become a timeless dining combination that exhales luxury and style.
This outdoor area is also arranged with plenty of natural foliage inspirations that bring one closer to nature. The modular sofa in whiter and grey tones charms the area with its diverse structure while the Magna floor lamps become pure objects of contemplation that perfectly match the sweeping views of Manchester’s skyline.

A Thrilling New York Loft with Sweeping City Views​

MYSAThe perfect outdoor view lies here, with a stunning sight of Manhattan, the heart of the city. This balcony is decorated with a full set of furniture such as the Hampton Wood armchair, the Hampton Wood two-seat sofa, and the Thor center table, especially custom-made in nickel for this space. The urban jungle continues outside and the best viewpoint of the city is completed.


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