With the warmer weather and lighter days coming, it is really a good opportunity to consider refreshing our homes and having a bit of a change up of our decor. Say goodbye to the festive style and create some sweet springtime scenes with various lighting items to cherish every good moment.

01 Decorate an Energetic Patio

After a long cold winter, your outdoor space must be a little boring and bleak. Try use some string lights to make it looks lovely and joyful in beautiful springtime. A vintage string light hang between trees or lining the walls of an outdoor courtyard will bring a touch of happiness.

02 Create a Lovely Spring-style Sofa

If you’re looking for a really easy, fun and inexpensive way to bring some spring decor into your home, try decorate a spring-style sofa. All it takes is a string of fairy lights, a collection of beautiful green plant. These lights look great in the day as well as the evenings. The light that comes through the green leaves creates the most beautiful colors and glow, make your home super inviting for those warmer days and summer evenings.

03 Light up Green Garland and Make a Cheerful Doorway

Have a light and cheerful scene in the upcoming spring is a wonderful thing. Add the string lights on your garland will definitely create a comfortable and happy corner for you. In addition, decorating doorway is also a brilliant tip to welcome spring, as it makes every home-leaving and home-arriving becomes hopeful. Adding a springtime flower wreath to your front door will bring a dash of cheer; then dress your porch or entranceway with outdoor lanterns and battery powered candles. Place green plants with bright flowers besides the door. All these small tips help you create a cheerful doorway and make you cherish every ordinary day.

04 Have a Shining Headboard with Strung up Lights

String up lights over the headboard is a good choice to activate the ordinary room in spring. Use some adhesive hooks or nails to fix them. It looks lovely even in daylights with the the windows shining in the reflected rays of the rising sun. After the lights are in place, you can attach photos or postcards in between lights with clothespins to make a string light photo display.

Spring is a cheerful season for us to discover artistic passion and inspiration through homes and gardens. Let’s create a spring-style house to welcome back the sun as well as the upcoming hopeful days. Live, laugh and enjoy an exuberant spring of peace and tranquility.

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