Deciding What Brand of Split System Air Conditioning to Install

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When it comes to choosing between different types of air conditioning units a lot of Aussies choose split air systems. This system as the name suggests has two or more parts. There is the outdoor unit and then that connects to an indoor unit with ducts. You can have just one room cooled this way or you can have several indoor units. To ensure you get a solid split system installation you should have a professional technician handle it. It is the best option to have it done properly and safely.

Types of split system air cons

There are two types: the multi split across a whole home or office building and a single split for one room. What is best for you depends on several things such as the area you are cooling and the layout of the space. Single-split units are more commonly chosen for homes and offices and you can choose different mounting options such as bulkhead, floor console, wall mount and ceiling cassette. Multi-split links to two or more indoor units and work when there are two or more rooms close together.

A common feature in many split system types is reverse cycle. This means the unit can not only cool rooms down in the hot summer but also act to warm things up in the winter. In cooling mode it removes the heat from inside and transfers it out to the outside unit where it is cooled and then moved back in. With a reverse cycle option instead of cooling the air it heats it. When you have a professional to talk about a solid split system installation you can talk about reverse cycle as an option.

Know How Your Split System Air Conditioner Works

Choosing which brand best suits you

There are a few things that will help you choose between the different brands of split air conditioning units. They include;

1) Noise
In general, split systems are a quieter option but some brands and models are better than others. Before you buy one, test it out or check reviews.

2) Different range of temperatures
If you live somewhere where you have more extreme temperatures, either very hot or very cold make sure your first choice covers them. Most operate between -10 degrees celsius up to 45 degrees. If you get hotter or colder than that you need to look for a unit that can handle it.

3) What speeds the fans work at
Looking for brands that have large airflow ranges and several fan speeds is better. As well as cooling better and quicker it reduces the noise.

4) Smart control options
When thinking of organising a solid split system installation you might want to ask about smart control options and wi-fi connectivity. It can be handy nowadays.

5) Self-cleaning and filter options
If you or someone in the building has allergies choosing a brand and model with HEPA is the best option for filtration. Some units have self-cleaning options too.

6) Detecting a human presence
These units detect when there is a person in the room and will keep it cooler when you are there and then lift the temperature when the room is empty or turn it off, so you save energy and money.

Best rated brand for split system air conditioning

When comparing the most popular brands and their performance against the above criteria it was found that Mitsubishi Heavy Industries performs the best with an overall of 8.6 and doing especially well in quietness, heating and cooling and features and functions. Second is Daikin at 8.31 doing especially well in heating and cooling performance. Third is Mitsubishi Electric at 8.24 doing especially well heating and cooling and features and functions. Runners up after that were LG, Fujitsu and Panasonic. For a solid split system installation that outperforms other units it seems Mitsubishi has the win!


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