Celebrate the new season with style, with a modern sense of Living. Discover the Autumn-Winter 20/21 collection and add extra style to every room with your favorite decorative accessories.

A series of spontaneous and extraordinary items, from decor to tableware, continually seeking new experiences in design with the philosophy of turn a home into your unique space.

Home never felt so good as a shelter with this list of luxury decor objects.

Luxury Earthy Colors Decor for Home

Above Products information:

1.Folk Monkey Cushion – 270 €

Folk Monkey cushion is a trendy home decor item with leather fringes and an exotic monkey pattern. Boredom is something impossible to be found on an interior that has this pillow.

2.Palm Wall Mirror – 1020 €

Palm decorative mirror features a functional and cultural value, and it’s perfect for a luxury room wall decor.

3.Bambi Stools Set – 1690€

Bambi stools set is the perfect complementary piece for any home interior style. The three-seats item is made of lacquered wood legs with gold stainless steel details and velvet pillows on seating.

4.Nairoby Pouf set – 500€ – 2100€

Nairoby stool design praises the combination of bold and sharp lines, perfect for a comfortable and mobile seat around the house.‎

5.Donna Round Tray – 210€ – 310€

Donna is a round leather tray with handles featuring a beautiful and luxurious pattern from ACH collection.

6.Ventura Table Lamp – 670€

Ventura table lamp presents an eye-catching lampshade. It can be placed as a desk lamp or as your bedside lamp thanks to its modern lighting design.

ACH, a signature brand by HOMMÉS Studio, designs a line of luxury objects, expresses lifestyle throughout your home. Decorative pieces that carry cultures, stories, and artistic vibes showing off personality in your special room.

A series of spontaneous and extraordinary collections, from decor to homeware, continually seeking new experiences in design with the philosophy of turn a home into your unique space. Potteries, fragrances, pets, and outstanding furnishings are some of the luxury decorative items that you can expect to assist diverse lifestyles.

Consistently well-finished objects with attention to details, capable of awakening emotions, collecting memories, tell a story. Also available a Pet collection meeting a beautiful selection of objects, full of praise and love, matching the lifestyle that our animals deserve!


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