Frequently Asked Flooring Questions Answered

January is THE biggest month for people to start planning new kitchens (new year, new project itch and the January sales explains things). So, if new kitchen tiles are high up on your daydreaming agenda or if you’re finding yourself going down a search engine rabbit hole of ‘are marble tiles suited to a kitchen?’ then read on as we pick (and unpick) your most asked kitchen tile flooring questions.

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We grilled Grazzie Wilson, the Head of Creative at Ca’ Pietra and here’s what she said…

Do I need to pick flooring lighter than my kitchen cabinets?

In a word, no. Think of all those ink blue and charcoal grey kitchens with their dark flagstone floors or look to the queen of deep and sultry tones Abigail Ahern for proof that flooring that’s darker than your kitchen cabinets works a treat.

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Sure, creating contrasting is a failsafe approach to your kitchens colour palette, meaning forest green painted cupboards and lightly coloured limestone kitchen tile will be a match made in heaven, but the same is true the other way around (neutral cabinetry and dark wood-effect tiles, for example).

But rest safe in the knowledge that picking floor tiles that aren’t dissimilar in tone to your cabinets is always an option. Just be sure to inject some difference elsewhere such as your kitchen wall tiles, a patterned blind or painted shutters.

What type of tiles are best for kitchen floors?

That depends on what home life looks like for you. If you’ve got a weaning baby, an energetic toddler and three golden retrievers then polished marble tiles might not be the best path. Instead, think about weathered limestone tiles that can take some rough and tumble or terracotta that won’t show up every mucky paw print.

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Similarly, consider how you like to live your life to ensure you find a tile match that you won’t find a hassle to upkeep. If you like the look of a wooden floor, or an aged looking stone but want something easy to clean and that won’t change in character over time, then a porcelain floor could be for you. Low-maintenance, easy to clean and it’ll look the same tomorrow as it does today.

Every type of tile can work in a kitchen, from patterned to plain, from porcelain to natural stone, from the luxe to the laidback but if you ask yourself those two questions, you’ll be sure to find ‘the one’.

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What colour tile is best for kitchen floors?

Scroll back up to question one for a good grounding to this question. But other insider tips to share are – if you want the space to feel as light and bright as possible, go for a light tile with a polished surface; if you want the room to feel as cosy and welcoming as possible, think about earth tones from warming terracotta to woody hues; and if you want a tile that will hide a multitude of sins, go for a neutral stone or a patterned tile.

Does kitchen floor need water proofing?

All natural stone tiles need sealing to protect them, but if you’ve chosen a porcelain floor tile, you don’t need to worry about a thing as they’re inherently water-resistant.

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Which kitchen flooring is best for dogs?

A common question. Dealing with tiny and not so fluffy Italian greyhound paws is of course a very different scenario to the yeti-like paws of a St Bernard or Newfoundland, so once more the answer to this question really is specific to the individual.

On the whole though, a porcelain tile is your lowest maintenance option – they’re incredibly robust, water resistant and happy to be scrubbed.

Natural stone tiles are perfectly able to take on mucky paws too though, even better if there’s underfloor heating to help quickly dry out soggy paw prints trotting across the floor.

Marble floor tiles are the only tile that would need a very diligent dog owner to make sure you leap into action as quickly as possible to keep it looking at its best.

What kitchen flooring is popular?

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In country homes, natural stone floor tiles like Hamlet Limestone and Farley Limestone are consistent bestsellers, loved for their warm welcome and timeless appeal. Take it to a townhouse and a patterned kitchen floor or a herringbone parquet floor like Chatham Porcelain and the Marlborough Terracotta Parquet are a constant sellout.

In homes that like a luxe-y kitchen feel with white cabinetry and polished brass hardware, all eyes on the likes of California Porcelain and Enki Limestone.

Can kitchen tiles be used outside?

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Some floor tiles can absolutely be used indoors and out. In homes with bi-fold doors where the kitchen spills out onto an outdoor dining terrace, the use of the same kitchen floor tile creates the sense of a huge entertaining space that celebrates indoor-outdoor living. Our exterior stone and tile collection shows you all your options from pretty porcelain tiles to textured recycled stone.

Just make sure you check the slip resistance of a tile and suitability – make sure to ask your tile supplier “can this stone or tile be used outside?”, finding a tile that works both in and out may help narrow down your decision.

When do you tile a kitchen?

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If you’re talking about kitchen wall tiles, they always go in once the cabinetry is fitted and your worktop has been templated, fitted and sealed. Kitchen floor tiles can divide opinion. If you want to tile the entirety of the floor, including underneath your cabinets, then naturally that has to be done first.

Some people like to have this done so the kitchen feels fully finished and some kitchen designs mean you can see beneath your cabinetry and so every inch needs to look shipshape. But if you’re thinking of helping your budget by leaving the floorspace hidden by your cabinets untiled, then let your cabinetry go in and then the tiling can follow.

You can get everything ordered beforehand if you’re 100% that your layout won’t change. Otherwise, let your kitchen cabinetry settle in and then get planning and measuring for your tiles.


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