Choosing the right table and chairs for your home is essential to creating an inviting dining space. You want your guests to feel at home while they enjoy meals with family and friends.

Start with the largest size you can fit in the room, and then use masking tape or a bed sheet to visualize how it will work.

River Tables

One of the most unique and eye-catching custom tables you can buy is a river table. These eye-catching pieces are crafted from wood and epoxy resin. They are called river tables because they look like rivers, and each is different. They are a great conversation piece and can add style to any room.

River tables are costly because they take a long time to make. The wood and epoxy must be carefully matched to create the right look. These pieces also require special care because the epoxy is prone to scratches and hazing. However, they are worth the investment because they are indeed one of a kind.

When creating a river table, you must first choose the wood for your base and cut it to the correct size. You can use a circular saw or a wood planer to cut the wood for your project. It would help to use a sander to smooth out the wood and remove any rough spots.

Once you have the wood ready, you can mix your epoxy. It is important to pour the epoxy slowly so you do not get any bubbles. After running the epoxy, you can let it cure for several days. Once it is scorched, you can then sand down the surface of your table and apply another coat of epoxy to protect it from water damage.

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Live Edge Tables

A live edge table is a natural work of art that brings the beauty of nature indoors. These unique pieces create an eye-catching conversation piece and can elevate a room’s decor. They can even help foster discussion among guests and employees, making a sense of connection and community.

The term “live edge” means that the edges of a slab of wood have the outside layer still attached, unlike traditional lumber, which is milled and sliced into a symmetrical shape with straight edges. Artisans preserve this gnarled look by carefully sanding the edges and reviving the grain and figure of the wood. This makes for a highly durable table that withstands years of use and abuse.

While living edge tables are more expensive than river glass or book-matched tables, their cost makes sense when considering the labor involved in preparing and finishing a large slab of wood. The planer can’t flatten these more giant slabs, so they must be hand-planed by an expert woodworker. This process takes time and can be costly, but the results are well worth it.

A typical live edge table may also include bowties, smaller pieces of wood used to fill cracks in the table’s surface. These bowties add visual interest to the table and prevent the cracks from widening with time.

Custom Table Tops

Table tops are one of the most important aspects of custom tables. They add the final touch of character and natural style to your home furnishings. Whether used as desks, kitchen butcher block countertops, feature shelves, mantles, or vanity tables, the suitable wood species and style will make your project unique and timeless.

When choosing a tabletop, consider the size and space of your room. The last thing you want is a beautiful, well-made table that doesn’t fit in your home. Ensure that the tabletop provides both height- and length-wise, and leave enough room for chairs around it. It is also essential to measure the room to determine the best dimensions for your space.

If you plan to use a tabletop for an outdoor space, be sure to account for weather conditions. Rain and sun can damage a tabletop, and it is also important to note that a windy day can cause a table to shake or wobble.

You can link your custom tables to existing data via three different types of custom field relationships: one-to-many relationships, many-to-one relationships, and many-to-many-to-one relationships. A one-to-many relationship embeds the whole custom table on a record, and you can edit it from that record. Many-to-one and many-to-many-to-one relationship fields allow you to link custom tables to multiple records simultaneously.

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Custom Table Legs

The style of table legs can make a significant impact on the overall look of a finished piece. The right choice can transform a utilitarian structure into a decorative accent that perfectly matches your interior design scheme.

Wooden table legs are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. Osborne Wood Products offers a selection that starts at 29” tall and includes everything from traditional shaker and mission designs to turnings embellished with delicate hand carvings. They are provided in various wood types, from maple to oak. The unfinished legs are sanded to 150 grit and are ready for you to stain or paint as needed. For a more modern approach, consider metal table legs that offer an industrial appearance. These sturdy and lightweight pieces are ideal for larger tables. They can also be easily affixed to the bottom of your furniture using supplied screws.

Adding a custom leg design to your table can significantly enhance its appeal, but you should only attempt this if you have a high woodworking skill level. Creating a bespoke frame from scratch requires a great deal of skill and experience to ensure the apron is solid and secure. Often, the aprons feature tenons that interlock with mortises cut into the legs, and they are joined together using wood glue and clamps.


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