Go Electric in Your Bathroom

Whether looking to update the family bathroom, spruce up a shower room, embark on a larger extension or start a renovation project, it is likely that energy and water consumption will impact on the final design as much as the style. Ashley Cooper, Marketing Director at Triton Showers, explains the top reasons to opt for an electric shower.

Save resources and reduce bills

electric shower

“According to our latest research, showering with an electric shower could cost nearly a third less than a mixer unit each year, and help save up to 52,000 litres of water when compared to alternatives.

“Drawing on domestic cold mains supplies and heating water on demand, electric showers offer an energy efficient solution. Some options, including those available from Triton, also offer an economy heat setting which helps reduce bills in the warmer months when the ambient water temperature is much higher. This means that the required heat input is much less, further lowering running costs for the homeowner. You can therefore wash without worrying about overusing precious resources or unnecessarily inflating household bills.

Guaranteed hot water

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“If you have a busy family or aim to keep the amount of water you heat each day to a minimum, one of the perks of heating on demand is that you don’t need to predict usage. So, whether you’re heading for an extra rinse post-workout, or it is hair washing night in your household, you can rely on there always being enough hot water for everyone – without worrying about wastefully heating water you don’t need.

Easy to retrofit

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“As long as the cold-water supply pipework and appropriate electric cabling are in a suitable location, installing a new electric shower can be carried out by a professional fitter in as little as 30 minutes. The key here is to choose an option that matches up with your previous product, or alternatively you could select something with a large footprint to cover any existing marks on the tiles.

“Latest innovations in electric showers also mean there are spa-style solutions on hand, meaning you don’t need to compromise between style and substance. Combining a fixed, overhead rainfall drencher with a handheld shower head, Triton’s Amore DuElec™ electric shower provides an easy to customise showering experience by diverting water between two luxurious options – or using both together for a more immersive soak.

Keep up with legislation

“You may not immediately consider building regulations when dreaming of your new bathroom, however if you are embarking on a self-build, extension or renovation project, then it is something that should be on your radar.

“As the UK works to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to ‘net zero’ by 2050, electricity has become an increasingly attractive alternative to gas for heating and hot water in the home.

Good to know

electric shower

“There are a variety of wider tactics you can employ to save money in the home. For example, it is possible to purchase flow regulators for use with mixer showers, which can be fitted in the outlet of a shower unit or the inlet of a showerhead to limit water flow. This simple tactic alone could help a family of 3 save an estimated £240 per year.

“Alternatively, if a family of 3 each reduced their average showering time from 8 minutes to 5 minutes – assuming they each have 5 showers per week at 41 degrees – as a household they could potentially save an estimated £210 a year.

“Limiting the amount of baths you have can also help bring utility costs down. When comparing an electric shower (8.5kW) to a bath (80 litres, with hot water supplied from an A-rated combi boiler), you can save up to 34% on your utility costs and around 51 litres of water by opting for a 7.5-minute shower instead of a bath.

“Triton’s online water and energy calculator provides homeowners with handy hints and tips around consumption – specifically tailored to their household usage. Those looking to reduce their bills, and carbon footprint can use the calculator to discover the small changes they can make to reduce usage and help protect the planet in the process.”

For further information on electric and mixer showers, visit www.tritonshowers.co.uk. Here you can learn more through Triton’s handy product selector guide, which talks you through the basics of showering, ensuring you select the best solution for you and your home.


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