When you are a renter there comes a time when you are ready to move out and move on. But when that time comes some people do not get their bond back or they do not get the full amount. Whether you need that money or not there are some things you can do to better ensure you get your full bond back in your next rental. Having a bond clean checklist to get the rental back into good shape is one example. Here is a closer look.

Read your lease carefully

Make sure you carefully read your lease so you can make sure that what they ask for is reasonable and what to expect when it comes to leaving and cleaning. For example, some might say your windows have to be cleaned, or the carpets have to be professionally cleaned, and so on. Whatever you agree to you then have to abide by when it is time to leave.

Take many photos of the property at the start and the end

When you move in you should get a record of everything with photos and a report. Take pictures of cracks, damage, missing tiles, anything broken. Any smudges, dents or stains already there so that when it comes to leaving they cannot blame you for those things and try to charge you, and if they try, you have evidence.

Stay on top of repairs

It is a good idea when you move into a rental that you keep up with the repairs. Call in your landlord to have it handled or if it is in the lease for you to handle then you do so. Sometimes it is cheaper to handle it yourself, you can get quotes, compared companies and not have to pay for the more expensive option the landlord or real estate company use.

Bond Cleaning

Keep the property clean during your time there

It might sound like an obvious thing but if you look after the place as you you are less likely to leave stains or grime that means the landlord holds back the bond to do a cleaning when you go. It will also make the clean you do from a bond clean checklist a lot easier and less time-consuming.

Follow the lease and give proper notice

In the lease, there is an agreement on how much notice you have to give when you want to leave. It is possible that breaking that could lead to money being taken from your bond. Check the timeframe and notify them in writing.

Some wear and tear is normal

When you are organising your bond clean checklist to bring the place back up to better condition keep in mind that not everything is legally a problem. Some wear and tear of living in a place are normal. Curtains might fade, the paint might flake, kitchen countertops get worn and so on. Things that are not normal like burn markets, wine stains, holes in the walls from moving furniture or hanging pictures are not normal wear and tear and you need to fix them.

Have time for the end of lease clean

That end-of-lease clean with a bond clean checklist takes more time than you think, even when you have kept a clean place, moving out generates extra work and you need to get into and under places, you might not have done much while living there. The oven, the windows, beneath appliances, the skirting boards and so on. Make sure you have the time and do it right and you will get your full bond back. If you cannot or do not have that time get in a professional.


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