Pushing heavy objects across the floor carelessly can cause dents, scratches, and tears in any floor, particularly hardwood. It is highly recommended to check for the best refrigerators in the country before purchasing it. Whether your new house or old home features such flooring, you should take care when pushing the appliance over it. The best way to do so is to use a dolly that is meant to hold something as heavy as a refrigerator.

You will probably need at least one other person to help you place the appliance on the dolly and strap it in. If you want the fridge to be as light as possible, you should empty it out first. It may not make a huge difference in weight, but it can help, especially if you are almost able to lift it onto the dolly but need to lighten the load a little more.

Before you start rolling the dolly across the floor, you need to take steps to protect the area. You can either use protective mats or old blankets in order to avoid scratching up the floor. If you are especially concerned about denting the floor, you can put sheets of plywood down along your pathway. Placing any strong material between your floor and the dolly can help ensure that the hardwood is protected, so if you do not have plywood, think about other flat objects that you can use to lay down.

Even if you do not have hardwood floors, but have tile or laminate instead, it is a good idea to cover your flooring before rolling any heavy object across it. Know how a refrigerator works because Neglecting to do so may result in scratches or dents to the floor, which can be quite expensive to repair. Purchasing or renting a dolly and using the help of a few friends when moving is much less expensive, and allows you to err on the side of caution.

Before You Buy a Refrigerator Compare the Stainless Steel Look to the Real Thing

If you want a modern look for your kitchen, you may be contemplating purchasing stainless steel appliances. These are known for looking elegant and contemporary, but they are also known for being costly. There is an alternative if you want to save money while still getting the attractive appearance of stainless steel, and it is known as the stainless steel look. Find out how the two types compare.

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One of the first things you will notice about appliances that only look like stainless steel is that they are much less expensive than the real thing. If you need to save money, and buying a used appliance is not a viable option for you, then this is the next best thing. You can get nearly any type of refrigerator with this look, from a dorm refrigerator to a side-by-side fridge. Go to your local appliance store and compare the prices to see for yourself how much money you could save.

On the other hand, you will probably also notice a reduction in durability and strength if you go with the stainless steel look instead of the real material. Stainless steel is known for being sturdier than most other materials, which gives such appliances a professional and rich look and feel. This is mainly why they are more expensive than other alternatives. If you crave not just the modern look, but also the durability of stainless steel, then you might want to splurge and get the real thing.


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