How To Organise The Perfect Afternoon Tea For Your Friends And Family

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Not everyone is going out for their Afternoon Tea. There’s a thriving culture of throwing own tea parties at home! It’s hard to think of a more civilised way of getting together with friends and family members during the daylight hours.

Just picture it: sampling interesting flavours; enjoying hearty conversation and laughs; enjoying the rituals of the occasion; and, of course, the tea.

So hang those coffee-stained mugs back on the mug tree! The Afternoon Tea is all about civility and tradition – and that means cups and saucers made of porcelain or bone china. The sound of a teaspoon on the saucer is a unique audio accompaniment to the Afternoon Tea.

The tea should also be served from a teapot! If you’re a teabag-in-the-cup person, it’s worth practising your teapot tea beforehand. Timing and temperature are everything, and you need to make sure you pour the teas at just the right moment. If you’re aiming for true traditionalism, you’ll need to find alternatives to teabags, and invest in a tea strainer and loose-leaf tea for the proper effect.

We’ve put together a small selection of different Tea Sets suitable for any table setting.

Rich And Timeless

Rich And Timeless

Tropical And Adventurous

Tea SetsElegant And Sophisticated

Tea Sets

For A Special Occasion

Tea Sets


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