Soak&Sleep, the online bedding and bathware retailer, has analyzed thousands of Instagram images to find what features most regularly in the most popular bedroom shots.

With more than 10.7 million #bedroom and 3 million #bedroomdecor hashtags appearing on Instagram, it’s clear many people’s private bedrooms have become very public. And with millions of people now living under strict stay-at-home orders, a lot of us have turned our attention to updating our bedrooms and sharing the results online.

Topping the list as the most popular feature is the humble white bedsheet. In fact, more than half (54%) of the featured beds were fitted with crisp white bed linen, helping give rooms a light-filled, spacious and open feel. Also featured in the top ten were queen-sized beds, wooden floors and beautiful headboards.

Pink and grey were the most popular colours, with gold finishes also making it into the top 30. Plants, rattan and faux-fur were also popular additions to many of the bedrooms analyzed.

Around 80 million photos are shared on Instagram every day – which is why the popular platform has become a source for interior design inspiration to transform bedrooms into #bedroomgoals.

Interestingly, not one of the most popular images were of hotels, with people choosing light, bright, personalised bedrooms over hotel rooms we could only dream of spending a night in!

The Results

The top 30 most common features are listed below –

1White sheets54.3%
3Queen bed43.5%
4Decorative cushions41.3%
Wood floors41.3%
6Minimal Theme39.1%
White Features Throughout34.8%
11Feature wall30.4%
Big bedframe30.4%
13Large room26.1%
Small room23.9%
No curtains23.9%
18Biophilic Elements21.7%
19Decorative lights19.6%
Multi-coloured bed sheets13.0%
Dark Walls8.7%
Faux Fur8.7%
30Gold Touches6.5%

Soak&Sleep’s Guide to The Top 5 Insta-Worthy Necessities

  1. White Bed Linen
1000 thread count Supima Cotton Bed Linen
1000 thread count Supima Cotton Bed Linen

Topping the list as the most popular feature is the humble white bedsheet. In fact, more than half (54%) of the featured beds were fitted with crisp white bed linen, helping give rooms a light-filled, spacious and open feel. By opting for a timeless colour scheme, you can rest easy knowing your sheets will never go out of date!

  1. Windows
200 thread count Organic Cotton Bed Linen
200 thread count Organic Cotton Bed Linen

It might then come as no surprise that windows ranked as the second most popular feature. Just under half (46%) of the bedrooms pictured had plenty of natural light helping to lift the mood while giving your body a much-needed boost of vitamin D. To get the most out of your bedroom’s natural light, keep windows unblocked by furniture, accessories or overly heavy curtains.

  1. Queen Bed
Soak&Sleep mattresses

They say that size doesn’t matter but when it comes to beds, it certainly does. A significant amount (43%) of the most loved Instagram bedrooms are furnished with a double size mattress or larger. With a larger bed, there’s more room to stretch out and have a good amount of duvet cover, which means less chance of disturbing a sleeping person next to you (or have them disturb you!) throughout the night.

  1. Decorative Cushions

They’re small but adding a few decorative pillows can have a big impact. 41% of bedrooms featured pillows of all varieties, from small to large to bright and neutral colourings. Adding cushions can help create a cosy aesthetic feel making the room seem more inviting.

  1. Wooden Floors
Wooden floors

The age-old debate – carpet, tiles or wooden floors? According to Instagram, wooden floors are our most loved flooring with a huge 41% of bedrooms donning those timeless rustic features.

The Runners Up

If you embrace a “less is more” outlook in life and believe simple spaces are calming, you’ll love the minimalist decorating style. 39% of bedrooms featured traded busy patterns and wild colour schemes for clear, uncluttered spaces.

We also found rugs and throws adorning a huge 35% and 37% of pictures respectively – both not only add texture and colour to a room but also add practical value to those cosy nights in.

Standout characteristics such as headboards and striking feature walls came in at 10th and 11th place, with still over a quarter of all Instagram posts in our data boasting beautiful headboards and accented walls.

Seeing as a large mattress and headboards make the top 10, it probably comes as no surprise that a big bed frame rounds out our list of the top commonalities the most liked bedrooms have. Just over 30% of featured bedrooms had beds with big bed frames because let’s face it – if you have a big mattress, you’re going to need a big bed frame to go with it!


The shortlist for the most Instagrammed ‘Quarantine’ bedrooms is based on data retrieved from Instagram. We analysed the top 5 bedroom related hashtags and reviewed likes, comments and locations of these posts that were analysed over a period of time during the UK’s lockdown in April and May 2020.


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