With Christmas just around the corner, Flooring Superstore has collaborated with interior design experts to discover and discuss 10 unexpected festive décor trends for Christmas 2021.

Interior decor experts included Amy Collick (Director at Charlton Island), Jojo Bradley (Jojo Bradley Interiors), Kane Hughes (Interior Design Expert at MyJobQuote), Samantha Jayne (founder of House Designer) and Sylvia James (Interior Designer from Home Howto).

  1. ‘Elfcore’ – e.g. nostalgic festive maximalism

Elfcore isn’t for the faint-hearted, or the humbugs – it’s the type of Christmas fantasy that appears on cookie tins and Christmas cards. This trend plays on the true nostalgia of Christmas where more is definitely more. Giving an air of childhood magic with traditional decorations can really set off this theme. There are no hard and fast rules to the ‘elfcore’ trend, but a mix of high saturated colourslayered patterns, and ample art and accessories should do the trick.


Simply go all out with a large tree heavily decorated in bold colours or with decorations with vintage motifs. It doesn’t need to be expensive as vintage baubles are often hiding in the loft and are easy to source from charity shops. Add candy canes and a string of fairy lights and top off with a large gold star. Pop on a fancy tree skirt and pile up decorative boxes with neat bows underneath for a bit of nostalgic charm. Better yet, create an enchanted forest in your own home with snow-topped wooden logstoadstools, and rustic home-made floral wreaths.

  1. Multiple trees

Nowadays one tree is simply not enough. Turn your space into a real winter fairy-tale by decorating multiple trees in your home.

Having several trees also gives you the opportunity to switch from focusing on decorating only one room to create different themes throughout the home. A hallway tree can make a show stopping entrance, while if you have high ceilings, accentuate them with a tree that takes the eye up, especially in a space like an orangery where the lights will reflect and really twinkle.
The easiest way to decorate multiple trees is to use matching decorations, however you can also consider mixing and matching non-decorated trees, trees with only lights or only ornaments, or all of them together. While matching decorations on all the trees will create a striking look, mixing it up with different tree stylesand sizes allows you to tailor decorations to your interior.

Match your tree size to your living space – too small and they won’t make an impact; too big and they’ll take over. If you’re saving money, choose smaller tree sizes and raise them up to head height or place them where they’ll instantly catch the eye. If you don’t have enough room for several trees, clear some tabletop space for a miniature tree instead.

  1. Minimalist wreaths 

Lots of people choose decorations to suit their interior and if that is contemporary and minimalist, don’t worry – the same can be achieved with your wreath. Although many love a traditional, outlandish wreath, minimalist wreaths capture a down-to-earth look, with a small spray of natural or faux foliage decorating a simple metal or wood ring. This works well with many interior styles and is a great way to decorate the home early without looking overly festive.

Making your own wreath couldn’t be easier – choose a few sprigs of hollyfir, or eucalyptus, add in some berries or mistletoe, and tie them to the bottom of a metal hoop with decorative ribbon or garden twine.White berries are a great choice for a neutral, simplistic effect, keeping the tones cool. You could also try using wild plant materialdried floral arrangements, or rugged twigs and branches.

  1. Snowy tablescaping 

A tablescape really elevates a dinner party, and Christmas dinner calls for that extra special touch. The key to a good snowy tablescape is to build it up with lots of layers and textures using white and off-whites. A crisp tablecloth or white table runner and white plates can be given a bit of festive sparkle with beaded garlandsfairy lights and white-tipped pine cones.


Foraging in your own garden or on country walks can be a simple and cost-effective way to transform your table – decorate with holly twigs, foliagepine tree sprigs and leaveseucalyptusacorns, and berries. Cut out and hang paper snowflakes above or make your own winter scene in a glass bowl with cornflour and mini trees for an inexpensive centrepiece. Silver candelabra and some crystal glasses complete the look! For a bolder aesthetic, you could line the centre of your table with fake snow.

  1. Sustainability 

Sustainability has a renewed focus this year, and Christmas is a time where we can really do our bit, creating interior environments using design principles such as functionality, accessibility, and aesthetics with a focus to help reduce energy consumption, pollution, and waste. Recyclable crackers and wrapping are seeing a big rise in popularity. Avoid Christmas decorations with plastic or glitter in them. Knitted decorationsglass baubles, and wood decorations are great alternatives to plastic, and other natural materials such as marbleceramic, or linen can also work well. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to get crafting – paper star tutorials are already growing on social media channels, as they’re easy to make and an excellent way to repurpose old wallpaper samples and magazines you have lying around. Look for items that can be recycledbuy less and be smart with every purchase you make. Think about renting a Christmas tree from a company that re-plants the tree when you have finished. A staggering 1.5 billion Christmas cards are thrown away by UK households each year, so consider sending e-cards instead.

  1. Mixed metallics 

Metallics can add a touch of luxury; the glitz and glamour – whether you use metallic baubles or sprigs to fill out our tree, statement candles or the star on top, they can add a touch of opulence to your festivities but don’t feel you have to go overboard; twining wide gold ribbon through your tree really elevates it and can be balanced with more traditional looking baubles.


As well as mixing gold and silver, you can also add touches of champagnepearlrose gold, and copper to really mix up those metals. A flocked or white tree will look much bolder with copper and gold ornaments and decorations, while silver ones won’t stand out as much. To keep it simple, concentrate mixed metallics on one area such as the table or mantlepiece – metallic garlands with a soft sheen work well to keep the look subtle.

  1. Monochromatic 

With more and more people having neutral homes it’s no surprise that they want the same for their Christmas décor. Monochromatic colour schemes work well for festive décor as limiting the palette often creates a more cohesive look. A monochromatic colour scheme is a one-color scheme that is created using different tones of that one colour – a monochromatic tree is a real showstopper that shouts Christmas has arrived.

For Jack Skellington vibes, black and white striped decorations create a modern monochrome style. However, you don’t need to stick to black and white – black and gold is surprisingly festive and brings glamour to proceedings. For a more minimalist feel that fits in with Scandi styling, try using white and greydecorations with hints of silver.

Darryl Money, buyer at Flooring Superstore, said: “Monochrome has been increasing in popularity when it comes to flooring, particularly patterned vinyl, so it’s no surprise to see homeowners embracing this colour scheme at Christmas. We particularly love teaming black with metallics to add a bit of sparkle during the festive period.”

  1. Berry tones 

The sumptuous tones of plum and grape mixed with deep reds creates a wonderfully warming colour scheme for your festive décor. Deep burgundy can add a feeling of lux whether that be on a velvet bauble, deep berry bows or ribbon adorning your tree. This rich tone also looks wonderful with gold metallic so don’t be afraid to mix the two trends for a simple yet sophisticated look.

Darryl Money, buyer at Flooring Superstore, said: “Jewel colours such as turquoises and emerald green are amongst the fastest growing colours of carpet and other flooring we’ve sold this year as people are starting to look for alternatives beyond neutral and grey interiors. These tones are particularly suitable for Christmas, offering a true luxury feeling.”

  1. Earthy neutrals 

Near-neutral hues include brownstan, and darker colours, with many earth tones originating from clay earth pigments, such as umber, ochre, and sienna. To create a rustic and cosy farmhouse aesthetic, pair terracotta with olive green or rust tones with sage green and use natural wooden decorations and pinecone or acorn garlands to decorate.


For a simple yet sophisticated look this Christmas, bring a piece of nature into your home with an earthy neutral style. Think wooden ornamentsberriespine coneshessian ribbon instead of tinsel and a wicker Christmas tree skirt. For an effortless table centrepiece, top a slice of natural wood with pineconestaupe-coloured candles, and a little greenery.

  1. Unexpected pastels 

Pastel shades are something we associate more with easter and spring but Christmas in recent years has seen a real trend of ‘anything goes’. Backdrops of pastel pink and blue provide a beautiful touch of nostalgia, feeling almost childlike – perfect for young families.
Blush pinks and light blues work well with a dusting of silver and gold to create a more unusual festive colour scheme. Or try a mix of baby pink and mint green baubles on a frosted faux tree. Mix coloured glassware and pastel ceramics with rose gold cutlery and charger plates for a modern Christmas table setting. Warm, glittery wall decorations, candles, and a glowing fire provide the perfect ambience for this trend.
Darryl Money, buyer at Flooring Superstore, commented:

“With the festive season just around the corner, we collaborated with five interior design experts to discuss 10 unexpected festive décor trends which are expected to be big for Christmas 2021. We’ve noticed this year that customers are getting braver with the colours and patterns of their home interiors in general, so it’s great to see how this is translating into more experimental and unusual Christmas décor trends. While all the themes our interior design experts have shared with us are unique, one thing that they all share is that they are fun and inject personality into the home.”


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