The perfect use of colour in the home can create warm vibes, add impact and put a smile on your face. Whether you’re looking for a colourful kitchen or a tranquil blue bathroom, clever use of colour can help transform a mundane space into something special.

Not only does colour in interior design liven up your space, but the colours you choose for your walls and floors can also be a key part of daily life, affecting your energy and mood as well as reflecting your personality. It can be really easy to breathe life into a room by being creative with colour.

There’s a rainbow of colours to choose from, whether you want to go for bright bold colours or delicate pastels in your kitchen or bathroom. Add a lick of paint, use colour as an accent in the form of artwork or accessories, or go with our favourite option and choose coloured tiles.


In interior design, you can use colour to:

Draw attention to an aspect of the room
Highlight a fireplace, chimney or alcove with a lick of paint or feature tiles

Show emotion

Whether you go cool and collective or vibrant and energetic, colour choice is a reflection of how you want others to feel when they enter the room.

Make a connection

Go for earthy greens and browns alongside wood-effect flooring as a nod to nature, or pick out one of the colours in existing artwork, decor or patterned tiles.

Create contrast

Pick two different colours, introduce wood or metal, or add in paint or tiles for a contrasting look.

Change your perception of space

Light colours give the illusion of space while dark makes a space feel cosy.

Help you stand out from the crowd

Not everyone wants a grey bathroom or kitchen!

From bright metros, pretty patterns and sensational shapes, our ideas to add colour into your kitchen and bathroom will have you reaching for the colour chart and saying hello to new hues.

Bold bathroom wall


We adore customer Natalie’s bathroom because it has a mix of everything. Gorgeous Victorian floor tiles, an inviting freestanding bath, wonderfully coordinated accessories and perfectly placed pot plants. But the most striking aspect is the beautiful blue feature wall. Painting the fireplace gives unity but the texture of the hearth still stands out.

The choice of colour is spot on, a calming blue that makes the patterned floor tiles pop but works in harmony with the hint of blue running through them.

Read more about Natalie’s project here.

Coloured tiles with a plain floor


Metro tiles not only introduce a splash of colour but can add shine and texture to your kitchen or bathroom. It’s not often you see plain floors, and they really can look fantastic. They create a simple but stylish look and allow the other accessories, furniture and tiles in the room to sing.

If you’re keen on a neutral colour scheme or don’t want anything too vibrant, try a soft shade like sage or duck egg to add a hint of a hue rather than a full splash.

Colour pop with a patterned floor


One way to really stand out with your interior design is to combine colour and pattern. For this combination, you can choose your favourite colour first, or pick out a shade to emphasise from patterned tiles or wallpaper.

Love a dark colour but don’t want too much of it? Why not use a lighter shade above it to really open the room out. White or natural furnishings will also help to create a more airy effect.

Colour splash contrast


White is a wonderful base next to an indulgently dark colour, as it makes your shade stand out while still giving a chic appearance. White is also a good complementary option if your room is on the smaller side, as it will give you the illusion of space rather than one colour closing the room in.

And when it comes to laying tiles, choosing metros gives you the freedom to add even more interest by tiling in any direction and pattern that you choose, including herringbone or diagonally.

Multicoloured featured wall


Why not make a splash by using multicoloured tiles in coordinating shades? Choose a selection of tiles from the same range, or opt for a single tile made up of various colours. This mix of blue and green tiles is ideal for a bathroom to recreate the look of the ocean, and the hexagon shape exudes energy and texture.

Whether you design a feature wall or tile the entire floor or wall, you’re sure to make a statement.

Patchwork Perfection


Introduce warm Moroccan vibes into your home with brightly-coloured patchwork tiles in an array of gorgeous geometric patterns and shapes. Not only do they liven up any kitchen or bathroom, but the variety of designs allows you to fashion a truly unique space.

Use them sparingly to highlight an area, or carry the theme through with a matching splashback and floor. Add in white and neutral furnishings to soften the look and brighten your room.

Pastels with wood


Pastel tiles are the perfect choice if you’d like to introduce softer shades into your home for a fresh and calming feel. There’s a huge range of subtle tones to choose from including muted aquas and delicate pinks.

Conjure up Scandinavian vibes by using delicate pastel tones to blend naturally alongside wooden cabinets for a natural look with a twist. A white worktop gives a modern and clean look.

Dramatic Black


If you’re searching for a shade to instantly elevate your space, then black could be the hue for you. Don’t be afraid to use black in interior design. It might seem like a bold move, but used carefully, black can look modern and welcoming, as well as adding drama and sophistication to your home. It’s also a great backdrop for green plants, metallic accessories, and will pop vibrantly against white.

Pair black paint or cabinets with monochrome or patterned tiles for a really luxurious effect, or opt for black gloss tiles for moodiness that has shine and texture.


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