Born Under a Lucky Star is  based on the Elements Fire, Water, Air and Earth. A piece of art for your home, your interiors will look amazing in one quick move. Just add your own “In your Element” cushion. You will have an interior that means something to you.

Handmade & designed in Ireland by Born Under a Lucky Star and founded by Andrea Graham an interior designer in lockdown.

A beautiful range of life style products including luxury cushions,throws,scarves and robes. So you can look fabulous while lounging on your super soft sumptuous cushion. The orange & teal colour palette is the perfect combination for Autumn 2021.

Born Under a Lucky star

Each Element has its own story

Are you Air Girl? Do Cherry Blossom trees make you smile? Do you love to curl up with a good book? Do you  dance like no one is watching? Are beach walks & excercise your down time? Then our Air girl cushion is for you.

What about water girls they are the life of the party & they love to entertain. Music is their passion but they know how to relax. Happy with a paintbrush in their hand or watching their favourite box set. They are equally happy having a good scroll on social media.

Maybe you are Earth girl. Do you love being outdoors? Do you love listening to bird song? Does music just make you feel good? Is family time your favourite time?

Fire Girl is happiest being active. Sport of any description is her bag. After an active day she loves to unwind lighting her favourite candle & soaking in a warm bath. She likes the finer things and can be seen enjoying great food & great company.

Transform your sofa and liven up your bed with these hand drawn pencil designs. Your home should reflect your personality and be filled with designs you love.

Born Under a Lucky Star

Just launched new lifestyle brand, Born Under a Lucky star, founded by Northern Ireland interior designer. All products designed using pencil & watercolours. They are lovingly handmade and packaged in sustainable packaging. Plush velvet cushions , Complimentary throws, reupholstered furniture. Also available a stunning handmade Kimono, bandeau scarves and makeup pouches.


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