When it came to finding the perfect shower solution for not one, or two but three bathrooms in their family home, Patch and Polly knew they could rely on Matki for an abundance of style, quality and service.

Juggling busy working lives, a house refurbishment, a young daughter and a pet dachshund called Schnitzel, takes some doing. Which is why Patch and Polly needed someone they could trust completely when it came to creating separate themes for their three bathrooms. And that’s where Matki came in.

The couple knew Matki could be trusted when it came to the level of personal service they needed to help their vision come to light. Having used Matki in the past, they’d already experienced first hand the difference the brand can make when it comes to delivering the perfect shower solution.


“We’ve always loved Matki products for their great quality and design, and their personal service is second to none.” said Polly. “In fact, we had one of their shower trays installed in our last home. So when this larger project came along, it was the perfect excuse to use some more Matki favourites. Their mix of modern and traditional design is exactly what we wanted in our home.”

Each bathroom needed its own distinct personality and purpose. Thanks to Matki’s vast range of designs and ingenious engineering, that was music to the ears. When it came to designing their new bathrooms, three very different spaces needed to work: a convenient ensuite off the master bedroom, a family bathroom and a relaxing sanctuary in the basement.

Bathroom 1: Ensuite Elegance


Style and convenience were the watch words for the couple’s ensuite bathroom. By opting for the following combination, all the boxes were well and truly ticked.
– Matki-One framed black effect panel (from £1,378.80)
– Continental Shower Tray (from £302.40)
– Swadling Brassware Absolute Deluge shower head in brushed gold with matching controls (from £1,587.60)

Bathroom 2: A Fun Family Space


For Patch and Polly’s daughter Margot, practicality needed to be balanced out with a splash or two of fun to create a welcoming family bathroom. Here’s how it was done:

– EauZone hinged shower door in brushed gold (£3,828.00)
– Continental shower tray with brushed gold waste grill (£349.20)
– Swadling Brassware Absolute Deluge shower head with matching controls and·Swadling Brassware Absolute range in brushed gold for all bath and sink taps (from £1,328.40 for shower head with controls).

Bathroom 3: Basement Escape


Here’s how the couple created a calming getaway in the basement, where batteries could be recharged and the day bathed away.

– EauZone Radius-20 shower enclosure in brushed gold (£5,389.20)
– White Continental shower tray (£349.20)
– Swadling Brassware Invincible range in brushed gold for bath taps, sink taps and shower (from £1,921.20 for shower head with controls)


Let’s leave the final word with Patch. “The bathrooms have made such a difference to our everyday lives. Our ensuite means we can get ready for our busy days, and we always look forward to bath time fun with Margot. And on those days we just need a bit of peace, we can escape to our quiet haven in the basement. We love it all.”

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