Following the successful launch of the award winning Arete One 20L and 25L combined dehumidifier and air purifier back in 2021, Meaco is delighted to announce the arrival of two new models, the Arete One 10L and Arete One 12L, creating a family of hybrid dehumidifiers/air purifiers to suit all room sizes.

The pandemic created a huge increase in the awareness amongst consumers of the importance of clean air, both at home, in schools, workplaces and in hospitality. It was well reported that opening windows and doors to let in fresh air could reduce the spread of viruses and the use of various air filters and air purifiers can provide further protection. Consumers are especially mindful that creating a clean air environment can prevent illness, and as we to return to a normal way of living, there needs to be confidence that it is safe to do so.

The Government may have removed the guidance to work from home where possible but working from home is not going to disappear any time soon, and it is unlikely there will be a huge stampede back to the office. With the hybrid working model well accepted, where people might do a couple of days in the office and a couple at home, we will be spending more time in our homes than ever before. The downside of this is the negative impact it can have on a property, as more time indoors leads to a higher moisture load in the home, with the resulting possibility of damp and mould problems. It is also the arrival of the hay fever season (tree pollen started in February) and the suffering allergies can cause. Together with these lifestyle changes, purifying the air indoors has never been so important.

The arrival of the new models in the Arete One range are perfectly timed to meet this dual demand for air purification, and dehumidification, removing the need to have two devices working away in the home, and contributing to a financial saving through lower energy costs of one device, at a time when electricity prices are at a peak.

As a dehumidifier with a dedicated air purification mode, Arete One is the only UK domestic dehumidifier designed using H13 medical grade HEPA air filters. The new Arete One 10L and 12L will both reduce moisture and stop damp, and the filters will clean the air, capturing spores, pollens, and viruses.

The new models are the continuation of five years of design work by Meaco. With most people wanting to be able to simply switch on their machine and walk away, the Arete One was designed for ease of use, with the machine doing all the work, calculating humidity levels and fan speeds. Offering the same functionality as the larger models, of which both have been awarded a Best Which? Buy, the 10L and 12L are perfect for use in smaller homes and flats, with the added optional benefit of being wall mounted. No complicated controls, just one press of the large Smart Humidity button is all that’s needed to set up the dehumidifier. The cutting-edge compressor technology maintains a steady humidity whilst minimising electricity consumption, so helping to alleviate rising energy cost concerns. The control logic also manages the fan speed to increase extraction rates when required and switch to a quieter mode when the target humidity is almost reached.

Arete One is one of the quietest dehumidifiers on the market, with the new 10L and 12L models both running as quiet as just 35dB, making them Meaco’s quietest to date. Their small size and low noise levels make them perfect for use in flats, apartments, small three bedroom homes, and individual rooms.

An optional wall mounting kit, unique to these smaller models, makes it ideal for use in places where there is not much room, whilst still allowing easy access to both the filters and water tank. This presents the option to apply a hose to drain water down into a shower tray, bath or drain, removing the need to manually empty the reservoir tank when full. Just mount on the wall, set the controls, and let it do its job

Emptying the 2.5 litre tank for the 10L and 12L is made easy, using two very large slots left and right of the machine that fingers naturally drop into. It can then be placed flat on the floor and lifted by its colour coded handle. It can also be poured from either side, via two slots, removing the need to twist awkwardly to pour.

Meaco’s commitment to sustainability and a reduced environmental impact is reflected in the packaging configuration of the 10L an 12L. The castors arrive detached, stowed in the 2.5 water tank, ready for the customer to attach if they please, meaning more efficient packaging and therefore a lower cost to the customers. These are easily assembled but make it easier when wall mounting or allow the option of placing the unit flat on the floor.

Commenting on the arrival of the new models, Chris Michael, MD of Meaco said, “There has been a huge number of positive reviews from customers for the 20L and 25L models so we are expecting these smaller sizes to be equally well received. There is a growing demand for hybrid dehumidifiers with air purification, meaning less outlay for the consumer as one product does the job of two. At the same time low noise, low running costs and attractive design are all important features when choosing a product, and the Arete One is best positioned for this. The Arete One comes with a five-year parts and labour warranty, a warranty of this length is unique in the industry, and a further sign of the confidence we have in the quality of the Arete range.”


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