Neutral Modern Home In Milan With Draga & Aurel



This magnificent luxury home is located in the most influential fashion and design capitals of the world, the infamous Milan. With its mid century inspiration, the house conveys a vibrant and irresistible feeling in its pieces, through the mixture of patterns, colours, shapes and textures it gives it another life! The vision of this project is the creation of objects that describe “eras and emotions” with the most beautiful approach. This house with a late 70s and 80s vibe, an era that brought together some of the most dynamic and innovative thinking, has the incentive to unleash creativity, hedonism and rebellion. With two floor, this marvelous house is a large building with two bedrooms and mesmerizing functional areas! A dreamy neutral and modern home, this project is also composed of an extraordinary outdoor space.


Right as you first step in this incredible home, you transport yourself into a rich and luxurious ambiance! The different patterns and materials, as you can observe on the walls and floor, exude the sophistication and modern approach of design! Composed with our stunning Marcus Suspension Lamp, this clean cut piece with its timeless aesthetic, is the suited aftermath for a contemporary style decor as well as a well-lit space.


A comfortable and convivial place, the living room is the peaceful area of this home with a breathtaking view of the outdoor space. With a more rustic style that has a natural touch as a source of inspiration, such as the use of the stone wall, the use of intimate lighting and the earthy toned furniture pieces by Essential Home! To socialise with your friends, the vision for Draga & Aurel was “to share a mutual passion for the vintage, a reverence for mid-century design, as well as a keenness for cinema with a bit of glamour mixed in “. The best way to prove the statement was the incorporation of some of the pieces from the Mirage Family! The Mirage Floor and Wall with their mysterious yet minimalist look exude the luxurious side of the mid-century modern style. The lamps’ silhouettes and the compositions of the material, with the contrast of black lacquered metals and shining brass, remind us of the extravagant outfits of the incredible 70s.


With an open concept design, the dining room and kitchen are yet very much divided. Through the usage of darker tones, which bring an air of sophistication and coziness, and the use of wood in the furniture pieces by Essential Home, this area is the definition of elegance. To complement this stunning dining, we have the premier Mirage Family in full force, as a part of the collaboration between Draga Aurel X Essential Home & DelightFULL! The Mirage pieces majestic industrial look and minimalist design make it timeless and suitable for any space. To add a soft aura to the kitchen counter, our Marcus Pendant is the most indicated piece! With its clean cut look, this is a versatile piece with a timeless aesthetic.


This splendid office, on the first floor of the house, exhibits extraordinary views to the outdoor area, making it the perfect space for you to work in peace. With its classic and sophisticated mid-century modern design, ideal for any type of home, this office is composed of pieces by Mid-Century Club and Essential Home!  To elevate the design of this space, our Tochiere Floor makes a mesmerizing appearance. With a great uplight shade and two adjustable downlight shades, this is the perfect lighting piece for a modern yet functional design.


When exploring the master bedroom, it’s visible that it’s a premier rest place! With its rustic style, visible by the stone wall and usage of wood, there’s a luxurious and sophisticated strand to it, from the dark toned furniture. The elegance of this wonderful room turns into an incomparable one with its view to the outside area of the house. For the perfect combination with the rest of the room’s accessories, our luxurious Katia Pendant is the statement piece this master bedroom needed! This splendid lighting is like a constellation of endless possibilities with the evoking 70’s feel.

A fresh reinterpretation of mid-century lighting design. Delightfull revive design and inspirational art from the 40s to 70s, bringing to you fresh classic lamps with the progress of colors and materials of modern décor.

The mid-century spirit can be suitable for any project customizing any piece that you need. We promise you a full experience of the mid-century world, through iconic design around trendsetting places. Today, with a solid structure and factory to provide you with the best you can get, we have solutions for short lead time projects


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