Now more than ever, nothing feels better than to relax outdoors, and the Outdoor Summer Trends 2022 living panorama has never seen this much versatility as recently, allowing homeowners an endless stream of decor inspiration.

Outdoor Summer Trends 2022

Feel the summer breeze in style with LUXXU’s outdoor collection! Thoroughly designed to be durable, all products benefit from neutral tones that make a perfect contrast with the strong hues associated with the season. From modern sofas to sun loungers, this series strikes the perfect balance between luxury and comfort.

Galea Outdoor Series


LUXXU’s Galea family combines style and modernity in a particular manner. This series is comprised of four exquisite designs: an armchair, a sofa, a daybed, and a chaise lounge, all of which are specifically designed for outdoor use. These timeless outdoor furniture designs were made to be durable and weather-resistant, brought to form through a combination of traditional weaving techniques and metalwork from Indonesia and Portugal.


Benefiting from a neutral color scheme, the new Galea additions have their enhanced aesthetic through the use of materials such as stainless steel, powder coating, and synthetic fiber. Each one of these furniture designs is bound to bring an extra layer of style and refinement, thus becoming idyllic pieces to rest while sunbathing.

New Charla Outdoor Furniture


Two new Charla furniture designs have been introduced to the brand outdoor collection: a grey-toned chair and a distinctive dining table. Complementary to each other, these furniture designs of boundless elegance beautifully fit in any contemporary outdoor dining area.

The Charla wood chair was designed to fuse luxury and comfort into one. This elegant chair is made of stainless steel, powder coating & synthetic mesh. The Charla outdoor dining table unveils intricate details, including a delicate adjustment between the best hand-worked Teka wood with the warm and golden tones on its Calacatta Gold marble surface.

A Statement-Making Sofa


A Lavish outdoor area is certainly not complete without being appointed with an ultra-modern sofa. With that in mind, LUXXU created a new alternative to the classic Anguis sofa adaptable to the outdoors and styled in an avant-garde toffee fabric. Anguis is made of durable materials and has a peculiar shape that is bound to become a conversation starter and the focal point of any contemporary outdoor.

Relax in Style with Hampton

When designing exclusive outdoor furnishings, LUXXU takes a few things into consideration, especially concepts such as comfort and timeless design. The Hampton Wood and Grey sun loungers were designed with the purpose of enhancing one’s outdoor lifestyle, keeping it effortless yet luxurious.


The Hampton sun loungers seek to represent luxury lifestyle as their basis was inspired by the world’s most elegant holiday destinations. As a virtue of such, they highlight a strong character and comfort that allow them to become a sweet escape from the city noise and revive the art of lounging.

Materials of Choice: Wood & Marble


The combination of wood and marble is a must, whether in a more subtle or bolder manner, blending these two timeless materials allows one to add warmth and interest to their outdoor area. Furthermore, wood has that organic and rustic aesthetic perfect for outdoors while marble brings opulence and a sense of distinction, making it quite a dynamic duo.


For these reasons, LUXXU presented many outdoor products in these versatile materials. For instance, Galea chairs and the Hampton armchairs present wooden features while the Vertigo side table and dining table as well as the Mayer center table are embellished in marble details.


LUXXU’s empire is shaping its future by setting trends with timeless and refined pieces. Lighting was the start of this luxury journey, stating itself as classic with a modern twist and bold designs! Daring designs are symphonies handcrafted with the finest materials by expert craftsmen. Be LUXXU’s guest and get inspired by the greatest collection of timeless lighting fixtures.


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