Warming and optimistic but also practical and comforting, the Pantone Colour of the Year 2021 highlights two colours that demonstrate strength and positivity. Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture And Choice (FurnitureChoice.co.uk), shares 5 interior style ideas on how to use this aspirational combination in the home.

1.Mid-century inspired living space

Design a thoughtful and stylish mid-century inspired living space by pairing Ultimate Gray and Illuminating to get a timeless and uplifting palette.

“Start with a grey sofa as a grounding base. Look for a structured profile with gentle curves and raised, tapered feet that are hallmarks of the style,”

advises Rebecca.

Introduce accents of Illuminating through accessories like pillows and artwork. Fun, thematic pieces like a sunburst rattan mirror can also help to visually brighten the space.

“Grey is reassuring and perennial, and when paired with Illuminating in a mid-century style space, it results in a warm and inviting palette full of charisma,”

Rebecca says.

2.Sunny coastal vibes in the bedroom

Cheerful and vivacious, Illuminating is a warm yellow imbued with sunny goodness for a positive boost in the bedroom. Pair with the soothing tones of Ultimate Gray to get a breezy and relaxing, sunny coastal style.

“An oak wood bed, especially one with a slatted headboard, instantly channels a coastal vibe. Stick to a light palette with white, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating for a simple and sweet scheme to keep warm weather feels going long after summer,”

she advises.

Accessorise with natural materials like jute or rattan, linen, wool and fresh flowers. And to play up the coastal look, consider having beach-themed art or pillowcases with a striped pattern.

3.Bright & creative home office

When used in a home office, the Pantone Colour of the Year 2021 combination of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating is practical and thoughtful, but also optimistic and inviting.

“The bright hue of Illuminating is energising and brings clarity – a helpful quality in a space where you need to focus,”

explains Rebecca. Meanwhile, Ultimate Gray acts as a calming counterpart, grounding one in the moment and encouraging feelings of composure, steadiness and resilience.

“If it’s a bit challenging to find a bright yellow chair, one idea is to get a white wooden one and paint it yourself as a fun DIY,”

suggests Rebecca.

Ensure sufficient lighting and decorate with live plants to freshen up the space; greenery can also help to soothe tired eyes.

4.Fresh & modern industrial style dining space

For a fresh take on a modern dining room, introduce Ultimate Gray in the form of an industrial dining set. Then, accent the space with Illuminating for a zing of energy and brightness.

“A concrete dining set is a stylish way to bring the colour to life, while also highlighting its sturdy quality of quiet assurance,”

says Rebecca.

“Keep decorations to a minimum, as is characteristic of the style, and focus instead on bringing in thoughtful pops of Illuminating. Fresh flowers in a minimal vase or displaying lemons in a bowl are some ideas.”

5.Calm & serene open plan kitchen

The aspirational and hopeful qualities of the colour combination is enhanced when bountiful natural daylight is available. Even when used in smaller doses, the two tones create a calm and serene space.

“Both the Pantone colours work amazingly well with an oak dining set too. Their warm undertones resonate with the wood’s warmth to create a soothing and inviting feeling,”

Rebecca says.

Maintain the airy palette with small touches of Ultimate Gray and Illuminating while playing up texture – the contrast between fresh flowers, natural oak and velvet chairs bring a sensual richness and add depth to the space.


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