A red violet infused periwinkle, Very Peri is a carefree, confident colour that encourages creativity and expression.

Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture And Choice, shares how to introduce this dynamic colour into your home for a stylish update.

1. Add pops of Very Peri to a living room


“Just as Pantone created Very Peri specially for the year ahead, channel that same spirit of discovery in your home for a lively start to 2022,” says Rebecca.

In the living room, use a light grey sofa as a chic yet grounding base for layering colours. Then introduce pops of carefree Very Peri through soft furnishings like cushions, artwork or pendant lights. “Match Very Peri with bright pastels like coral and turquoise and plenty of white to get a bright and creative space,” she adds.

2. Create a cosy, cocooning effect with Very Peri walls


“Very Peri possesses the calming qualities of blues with a hint of excitement from its red violet undertone – resulting in a colour that’s soothing yet not flat or boring which makes it great for a wall update,” says Rebecca.

Identify a quiet space in the home like a reading nook or relaxation corner and paint Very Peri on the walls. “Choose a comfy grey armchair to complement this imaginative purple hue, and accent with metallic finishes to brighten the space.”

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