As Spring in Australia is slowly approaching, We’d like to share some comments from Stuart Clark, Home Expert at Victory Blinds, about the best window solution in preparation for the seasonal change.

Floor to ceiling sheer curtains are the clear winner for us, so take a look below for some expert comments from the man himself!

Styling Floor to Ceiling Sheer Curtains


Whilst we’re all big fans of head to toe windows, large panes of glass can also have their downfalls. When it comes to exposed glass, they often let in lots of light meaning they need to be insulated against the heat, the cold and those nosey neighbours. But don’t fret,  we have solutions fit for all of those needs… Floor to ceiling sheer curtains!

Stuart Clark, Home Expert at Victory Blinds shares his expert comments on these delicate window treatments, including how to style them in your own home!

“As Spring is slowly creeping up on us, it’s important we prepare our windows to the best of our ability by choosing the best window treatment for that rush of seasonal light and heat.”

“Soft and floaty, sheer curtains are perfect for protecting your privacy during the daytime, whilst still allowing that glow of Spring light to enter a room and warm up the space.”

“The fabric also diffuses any harsh glares from outside, making them the perfect option for the home office when you don’t want the sun to blind you during those work calls”

Blinds 2go launches delightful new made to measure Blinds and Curtains collection with iconic British Designer Cath Kidston.

“Working in contemporary, modern and luxury homes, the lightweight fabric of sheer curtains adds character to any room of the house creating a light environment perfect for welcoming guests.”

“The great thing about sheer curtains is they are extremely versatile – they can either be used as a sole window dressing to soften the look of a bare window, or can be used in conjunction with solid fabric curtains for a layered arrangement.”

“Try layering a sheer curtain with embroidered pink flowers with a Salmon pink block colour curtain, for that dreamy and layered finish.”


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