When considering how to decorate our rooms, there are multiple design styles that we could choose to incorporate. For people who are feeling overwhelmed with options or can’t decide on their favourite theme or style, they may consider consulting the stars when looking for inspiration.  

Interior design experts at Hammonds Furniture spoke to astrologer, crystal healer and moon mentor Bex Milford about why the stars have such an impact on our personal tastes and the best way for each individual star sign to decorate their rooms. 
Bex, who can be found on Instagram at @cosmic_cures, said: 

“Our star sign indicates which constellation the sun was positioned in when we were born. In our birth charts (which is the cosmic blueprint of our fate, our karmic path and our destiny) the sun represents our sense of ‘self’, our ego and the person we most identify with. It’s therefore natural that our tastes and preferences are influenced by our star sign!  
Our sun sign also shows what we can embrace and develop in order to become our most fulfilled and authentic selves. Throughout our lives we are constantly ‘growing into’ our star sign as we assert our individuality. Taking our star sign into account when we decorate rooms is just another way to connect with this authentic version of ourselves, allowing us to feel most confident and comfortable in the room we’ve created!” 

Specialists at Hammonds Furniture then created visualisations of these suggestions to aid people looking to find an interior style that suits them. Each star sign has had a room created to best suit their preferred aesthetic. 



As the pioneering first sign of the zodiac, you can expect Aries to incorporate a bold streak when it comes to their design preferences. Generally Aries will prefer to keep things minimalistic (and clutter free!). A chic black and white base with a statement wall of fire-engine red, crimson or hot pink will appeal to their fire-sign nature. 

An industrial style room works perfectly for Aries as this such favours textures such as brushed metal, steel and even exposed concrete. Aries are one of the most passionate signs of the zodiac, so a need for mood lighting is a must, this is the sign that will appreciate a dimmer switch!  

Best trend: Modern (but with a bold, statement wall).  



Taurus is the sign of the boujee, comfort-loving bull that exalts in nature but also has a deep appreciation for the finer things in life. Soft throws, plump cushions, thick sheepskin rugs, and materials of velvet and silk are the way to go for this sign. They tend to opt for paler woods like birch and oak, and generally suit pastel shades such as blush pink, pale sage and light turquoise. They are also often partial to floral patterns. 

Natural light is important to Taurus, and so they are drawn to big windows, preferably with a view of the garden! This sign prefers a traditional aesthetic rather than a modern or minimalist interior. They are very scent driven so you can expect scented candles and fresh flowers throughout their room. 

Best trend: Cottage-core (but with a hint of luxury) 



Curious and cheerful, Geminis are known for their eclectic taste and enjoyment of bright colours. This is a sign that will love to experiment with more daring shades such as yellow, this could be in the form of a sunflower yellow statement wall, a mustard headboard, or simply splashes of buttercup yellow throughout.  

This sign also enjoys light blues and patterns that focus on lines. Linen is a fabric they’ll be attracted to, and lighter airier fabrics, especially floor length curtains in a more diaphanous material. Their style is contemporary and fashionable with a bit of quirkiness thrown in. Statement standing lamps are also a plus for this sign.  

Style: mid-century modern.  



This sign is likely to have a lot of antiques, knick-knacks, and photographs everywhere – Cancers are famously nostalgic! Big antique mirrors, old chests from charity shops, and huge wardrobes are staples you may find in a Cancer’s bedroom. They tend to favour a neutral colour palette as they love white, pearly hues, and soft pastels. Texture wise, this sign prefers flowing fabrics such as silk, and silver is their chosen metal.  

Cocoon lighting and anything that casts a soft beam and will make the space feel nurturing and private is key for a Cancer as they dislike any harsh, garish, or overly bright lighting. 
Style: Shabby-chic. 



Confident, daring Leos aren’t afraid to be the centre of attention – and this includes in their home! They like to make a statement and even go as far as create a palatial residence that they can show off at their many parties. Statement wallpaper, gold detailing and crushed velvet will all do the trick.  

Colour-wise, you can expect Leo’s to have at least some hint of royal blue, crimson, or other jewel tones. They love rose gold and creating atmosphere with spotlight lighting, a dramatic light fixture will be right up their street.  

Style: Hollywood glam.  



Virgos prefer to keep things simple and chic, this sign loves clean lines, minimal fuss, and neutrality. They’re not a fan of clutter so they appreciate clever compartments and storage ideas in their rooms. They like objects and furniture that is simplistic in design but exquisitely made. They’re also partial to up-cycling and breathing new life into what might have been considered defunct. 

This sign may opt for some splashes of colour in the form of dark green, tan and brown, or incorporated smaller patterns such as checks. 

Style: Scandinavian. 



Ruled by Venus, Libra is concerned with balance, harmony, beauty, and art. Think Regency-romantic meets Greek elegance.  

Cotton and linen are their preferred fabrics, and gold will be their go-to metal. Colour palette wise they like soft pinks, pastel purple, and light green. Anything they consider too ‘tacky’ or brash will put them off, and they won’t enjoy gaudiness. Soft lightning, plenty of candles and fresh orchids will also be enjoyed by Librans.  

Style: Regency.  



A sign with a flair for the dramatic, Scorpio will favour a bit of black (or very deep brown). They like to make a statement by contrasting these deep shades with clean white and dashes of deep red.  

As for materials, Scorpio like velour, brushed silk and either very dark wood or extremely pale to create strong contrast. This sign like strong lines interspersed with crescent shapes. Scorpios prefer a paired back and clean aesthetic, Japanese interior design works well for them. 

Style: Japandi (but bolder, with red included).



The wandering adventure-lover of the zodiac, Sagittarius will bring their eclectic tastes into their home. Their styling will indicate the various cultures and lands they have immersed themselves in, framed maps, and exotic touches may be found in their rooms. They may mix things up with Moroccan rugs, mosaic tiles, bamboo and leather. 

Colour-wise, they aren’t afraid to experiment with royal purple, deep blue and raspberry, they’re also happy to play with clashing and abstract patterns. Innovative and unusual lightning can be expected from this sign

Style: Maximalism  



Earth-sign Capricorn predominately has a love of natural materials. Their rooms tend to feature exposed stone, dark woods like walnut or petrified woods, and always an abundance of plants. They also have an appreciation of form and structure. Sage greens with hints of dark earthy browns and greys will appeal to them. Their furniture can expect to be made from natural materials too – woods over metals, with linens and cotton over synthetic fabrics. Natural light is essential for these signs, so floor to ceiling windows is the way to go for them.  

Style: Rustic 



Trend-setting Aquarius tends to mix the modern with the old in an eclectic mix that represents their love of freedom. This sign will not follow a design ‘brief’ too closely – they will want to be creative and put their stamp on a theme. They like to go bold with their colours – electric blue, aquamarine and turquoise might all be found in an Aquarians bedroom, with flashes of vibrant colour and neon.  

They like lots of natural materials, even incorporating glass and feathers into their style, plenty of natural light is also important to them. They also like to up-cycle and may end up designing and even creating a lot of their furniture themselves.  

Style: Tropical 



The water-loving sign of Pisces is the romantic creative of the zodiac and loves things to be a mix between bohemian and cosmopolitan. They can’t be pinned down and so their style will range far and wide, but one thing they will like is a link to the ocean. They prefer flowing fabrics over hard edges, opting for silks and marble, as well as distressed white wood and driftwood-effect furniture. 

Pisces will go for a pallet of lavender, grey, grey blue and pale blue. They also have an enjoyment of finding special pieces in charity shops – from a beautiful dresser they can paint white, or a floor length mirror that can be placed strategically to reflect lots of natural light.

Style: Coastal/beachy. 

Kirsty Oakes, Head of Product and Marketing at Hammonds Furniture, said: 

“Bedrooms are a very personal room in the house, they’re in many ways our sanctuary’s, and so it’s important that they’re decorated in a way that suits each person’s style. For those looking to redesign their bedroom in a way that feels genuine to them, considering their star sign can be a way of uncovering their authentic self and individual tastes. We all have features or colours in mind when we decorate our space that may be perfect for us but not suit other’s aesthetic. 

“Bex’s advice certainly gave us real insight into how each sign thinks and feels, and how this subsequently the impact this can have on our interior design choices.

“Whilst picking your interiors based around astrology and star signs may not be elements you would initially consider, these suggestions and our visualisations of each star sign’s room can help people struggling to find an interior design style that suits them, without meaning they need to commit to a paint colour or aesthetic.”

Hammonds Furniture is a family furniture business that loves beautiful design. Over the last 90 year’s it has developed a seamless, end-to-end process for creating your perfect space. Working from the purpose-built workshop in Leicestershire, Hammonds personally oversees every stage, taking your vision from the drawing board, through to design and final installation. And because the team takes responsibility for every inch of space, from choosing the raw materials and measuring to crafting every curve, no detail is overlooked. 


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