Microgreens are a popular culinary trend because of their intense flavour, high vitamin content and their ease and speed to grow – you can harvest them in as little as 7 days – but shops refrain from stocking them due to their short shelf-life. Thanks to Silly Greens, though, microgreens are now easier to access than ever before with weekly microgreen boxes delivered straight to your door.

Options are limitless when you’re growing micro as almost any seedling can be eaten in micro form. Silly Greens are currently sowing over 30 different types of greens, including red cabbage, coriander, rocket, kale, broccoli, pak choi, and garlic chive. Signing up to a subscription means you’ll be sent a new box of 3.


microgreens delivered live and ready every week. Just remove the lid of the box and you already have your grow tray. Place it on a windowsill and leave the card on top for a few days to help more of the seeds germinate. Once off, 3-4 hours of direct sunlight should be enough to start seeing real growth.


Instead of compost, Silly Greens use seaweed jelly to feed the greens, prevent dry-out and allow them to grow all year round – no need for any sowing of your own. Just water daily in small amounts then sit back, let them grow and pick them small – then dispose of your fully recyclable grow tray. And if you decide you want some of your microgreens to grow even bigger, just repot and watch them go.

Silly Greens’ microgreens boxes are available to order now from their website priced at £5 for a box of 3 that can be delivered weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or every 6 weeks.


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