Split systems air conditioner has gained immense popularity in the last few years. Apart from decreasing the electricity bill, it also operates quietly. Its numerous benefits have contributed to the rising demand for split air conditioners on the market. You can purchase single or multi-split ac depending on your needs.

After choosing the particular model, the next crucial step is the installation. Many people fail to understand the importance of proper installation, and hence, suffer the consequences. If the split systems air conditioner is installed the wrong way, then inadequate cooling will occur. Moreover, you might also incur huge electricity bills and frequent maintenance.

What to consider before installing a split systems air conditioner?

Split Systems Air Conditioner

The installation of the split systems air conditioner must be proper. Failure to do so might cause a strain on your budget in the near future. Keep into account that choosing the right air conditioning service is also vital, and hiring professionals can make all the difference.

Below are the things to consider are while installing the split systems air conditioner.

  • Suitable spacing

The spacing between the indoor unit of the split systems air conditioner and the wall must be adequate. Generally, the indoor unit is installed 15 cm from the wall. Such distance is ideal as it allows proper airflow due to the space on the sides and top. The spacing of the outdoor unit is vital too. Even if it is outside, it must have proper space.

  • Proper tilt angle

Ensuring the correct tilt angle for both the indoor and outdoor units is vital. When the aluminium brackets are placed on the wall to set up the outdoor unit, make sure it has an adequate tilt angle. The reason behind the right tilt angle is the indoor unit must receive an unhindered flow of condensed water.

  • Outdoor unit placement

It is important to place the outdoor unit on a flat surface. Keep in mind that the outdoor unit of the split systems contains vital components like the condenser, compressor, etc. If the surface is not flat, then there will be too much vibration. This can ultimately lead to coolant leakage, damage in the condenser, and many other issues. Also, the noises emanated might become disturbing.

  • Wall strength

The strength of the wall must be determined before installing the air conditioner on it. If the wall is not strong enough, then it may cause several issues, including the breaking down of the air conditioner. The wall must be able to support the weight of the air conditioner. It is better to avoid false walls and walls with uneven surfaces.

  • Height of installation

The height of the installation of the indoor unit of the split systems from the ground is a crucial factor. For a standard room, a height of about 7-8 feet is ideal. But, the distance may vary depending on the dimensions of the room. It is vital to set it up at an adequate height so that the cooling is even throughout the room.

air conditioning

  • Outdoor unit location

To prevent further damage and ensure its proper maintenance, the outdoor unit of the air conditioner must be located somewhere away from sunlight and rain. Both of these factors could cause significant damage to the cooling aspect. Also, it is vital to ensure the location is an open space so that the heat is dissipated without any issues.

Wrapping it up:

These are some of the things that you must keep in mind while installing the split systems air conditioner. Even if you think that you can install it on your own, it is suggested not to do so. You are not trained or know the system as intricately as an expert does. It will be wise to hire the best ac installers to keep it in prime condition for a long time.


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