Your Ultimate Home Cleaning Routine

Do you wish for an easier and perfectly organized way to clean your home so as you can save time and effort? Great. Now it’s time to get your routine in order. Of course, no person wants to spend all their precious time cleaning a home when there’s a simpler way to get around it. For this reason, you might want to check out this simple yet ultimate home cleaning routine guaranteed to make house cleaning better than ever.

If perhaps you have kids whom you are supposed to look after during the day and time seems to be pretty short, then this guide is your ultimate home cleaning solution. And in case you have kids at school, then that’s a wonderful place to start. In fact, it’s pretty easy to clear with the larger projects while kids are away. But if you have kids around, then begin by alerting them to pick their toys and other items to their rightful places.

Cleaning Tips

Step 1: Stack

To begin with, ensure you stack the day’s papers, magazines, mail and other related items that can be piled. Stuff them into shelves or closets or whatever other place you naturally store them.

Step 2: Declutter

Pick a box or a dust bin and collect everything that amounts to clutter. Do it all over the house and once you are done, take the box or bin to where you typically keep them.

Step 3: Dusting

Pick a rag, wet it with water and detergent (depending on what you want to dust off) then wipe the dusty items within your house. It could be the shelves, furniture, television set, windows, or any other item that needs dusting.

Step 4: Rooms and Laundry

You can quickly and easily clean the kid’s room together with yours while working the laundry at the same time. Keep the wash running as you get the rooms cleaned. Allow in fresh air by opening the windows and then proceed to the next one. Once you are done, shut the door and proceed to the next room until each bedroom is cleaned successfully. Sort every other item into its rightful place so that when kids go back or arrive from school each will be able to take care of their own belongings. When you take the clothes out to the line, keep the dryer running.

Step 5: Vacuum

While vacuuming, ensure you leave behind you fresh vacuum tracks on your rugs and carpet. You can spray Febreeze while doing it. Once you are done, take care of the floor.

Step 6: Carpet Cleaning Methods

Professional and accredited carpet cleaners follow different cleaning methods. Hot water extraction continues to be the standard in carpeting cleaning today. This provides the deepest clean when compared with other cleaning methods. Hot Water Extraction uses a truck mount system or portable system that generates high pressure and high temperatures for suction and cleaning. A portable accessory is utilized by the technician to efficiently shampoo and condition the carpet, after which, the high power vacuum is utilized to suck the water and soap along with the dirt from the carpet.

Another approach is the Dry Foam, which is Not as powerful in cleaning deeply throughout the carpet, but dries relatively quicker than other cleaning methods. A compressor produces the foam which is utilized to clean the carpeting surface via revolving brush. While any regular person can clean carpets, it’s advised that skilled help be sought because they’re more skilled and competent rotating brush the best result in carpet cleaning. To get the best value for your money and avoid any sham, one must be cautious in selecting the right skilled and certified carpet cleaner.

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Step 7: Bathrooms

Begin by cleaning the toilet then proceed to the washcloths, towels, and every other item we use in our daily morning routine. Wipe the counters, shower, and sweep the floor as well.

bathroom clean

Step 8: Kitchen

As the floor is drying up, get your dinner table well arranged. Thereafter, pick the sponge mop, dip in a solution you use to clean the utensils then clean up all the dirty dishes. Drain the sink, rinse and wipe. Ensure the stove, countertops and table are clean as well.

So there you have it, folks. It doesn’t take longer than 40 minutes to get all of these done with this simple schedule. Keep in mind that it takes 21 days to create a habit and if you stay focused and committed then very soon you’ll begin to enjoy your new house cleaning routine due to its efficiency.


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