With time, electric fireplaces have become very much the rage in contemporary home appliances. We can assure you that it is just not a fashion accessory but has rather become a need to have around to live safely amidst unforgiving cold temperatures. You may have seen pictures of these in almost every home or lifestyle magazine and may have several questions about them. Fret not! We have got you covered there. This article is all about the queries that you may have had about these modern-day appliances.

What are these?

Let’s get the most basic question out of the way first thing. Electric heaters are almost an exact replica of the traditional hearths that you may be used to seeing around with the tweak of being run by electricity instead of the traditional firewood. Facts reveal that the very first variant of such firesides came as early as 1912 but they have become so popular only in recent years. They are easily fittable in any kind of home style and do not call for any major remodeling. Also, they do not require any chimneys to vent out the smoke so with them, the living room cleaning becomes a little easy as there is no debris or dirt to collect after.

How Do They Function?

Yes, this is an interesting question. Since they are electric-based, the entire component needs to be plugged into an electrical socket. Before the installation, you need to check the style of your electronic fire hearth and its compatibility with the fixture you aim to get. After checking that the electrical circuits which are going to be used are not being overburdened with other installations such as lightings and other electronic appliances, it should be good to go.


After you plug it in, you would see that the magical flames start to appear on the fireplace screen. Now, if you are seeing them for the first time, then it may leave you wondering how does electric fireplace flame work, looking so real? As it is a plasma, it has the quality to mesmerize anyone with its bright range of multi-colors, all resembling a real fire. There are some pre-recorded video clippings of real fire logs burning and the dancing movements on such a screen look really wonderful.

Why Have Them?

If you carefully gauge over all the benefits that these contemporary counterparts provide of the older day’s traditional health places, you may be mightily surprised. Firstly, there are no fumes and they are extremely low maintenance which makes them very easy to handle. Secondly, they are very energy efficient and at the same time are cost-effective. Thirdly, they are really long-lasting and are very easy to install. Most importantly, they are very safe to use and can be used all year round.

The Last Word

Electric fireplaces are really amazing to have in homes and they come with tons of benefits. Thus, we hope that we have been successful in answering all your queries that you may have had in your mind.


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