For life after lockdown, working from home (WFH) will become a standard, not an exception. To create a work place you want to be in for the long term, Hands on Workshop (HOW) has assembled Japanese desk accessories to beautify the space.

For many who once had a quiet space at home to get on with work or creative projects, you might now be sharing it more often with your nearest and dearest.

Time to reset your year?

Time to make it the place which is special to you.

BGM Washi Tape Journal Range

BGM Washi tape: Washi tape with printed months, days and times, create a new planner for 2020.

Danke Leather Goods Mouse Pad

Leather pencil case and mouse pad from Danke Leather. Made to order from a small Japanese leather maker. Choose your own colour leather and waxed thread.

Cohana Ukigami Small Box and Coloured Pencils

Cohana’s Spring 2020 range – pencils, parquetry pencil sharpeners. Hand crafted from fine timbers by parquetry craftsmen.

Zebra pens

Zebra mildliner pens: Fine tonal highlighter pens for highlighting text.

Midori Notebook A6 Lined

Cohana & Midori Notebooks: Coloured cover notebooks from Ukigami paper. Classic work books and journals from Midori.

Find all these awesome products on WOH website or Amazon USA website or Amazon Australia website.


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