You know that moment when you read an excellent book, and you want to tell everyone about it? Well, that’s me right now. A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles is one of those books that is hard to describe because, on the surface, it’s basic. As you discuss and ponder it, the reality of the depth and meaning becomes more and more profound.


Every little detail means something deeper. Interesting patterns appear as you pay attention, for example, every chapter heading begins with A, and the timeline is done in a pattern. Objects in the story have their own unique stories and meaning. The book is sheer brilliance, even though the storyline seems so basic.

Now, what about Amor Towles’ other two books? We can’t speak from personal experience because we haven’t read them yet, but we bought both of them as soon as we finished A Gentleman in Moscow the first time.We did get on numerous blogs and social groups to see what everyone else was saying about them. It seems Amor Towles is a genius at his craft. His use of time and focus on details runs through them all.


To learn more about Amor Towles and his books, check out his Amazon web page. His latest book, The Lincoln Highway, was released in early October.

Check out the latest novel by Amor Towles and let us know what you think about it in the comment section below..


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