Small business Saturday takes place on the first Saturday in December, this year it’s the 3rd. It’s a great time to shop small and independent with jewellery as Earrings for Work to take you from the office to your Christmas party.

Jewelfish is a small jewellery brand that crafts beautiful pieces with subtle details and aesthetics in precious metals.


Working out of their charming design studio in one of the capital’s most thriving areas, their team also delights in crafting bespoke jewellery. They have been pleasing customers with their handmade pieces since 2018.

Using recycled metals they also provide a jewellery alteration and repair service for your treasured items in need of love and attention, with no ties to buying their own pieces, a part of sustainability often overlooked.


Geraldine, founded Jewelfish in 2018 at Peckham Levels in South London and continues to work there and add to her small collection of handmade jewellery. Using recycled precious metals including silver and gold she designs around themes including her Caribbean heritage. Her pieces are both traditional and experimental to express the wearer’s style and become a piece to treasure. Precious metals, pearls and beautiful gemstones are used in her work.


A long background in jewellery has led to other areas. Committed to repairs as a part of sustainability also, Geraldine has had the chance to see many styles of jewellery and Earrings for Work and hear the story behind them. And best of all it ensures that existing pieces are in circulation and not forgotten, often within the family.


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