Reality star Emily Miller is teaming up with PETA for a campaign urging fans to keep bedroom eyes cruelty-free by avoiding mink lashes.

In an accompanying video, Miller explains that animals suffer and die for mink lashes. “Minks spend their entire miserable lives raised in cramped, filthy cages,” she says. “Some companies may claim they sell ‘cruelty-free’ mink lashes, but that is a scam.”

PETA celebrities

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to wear” – notes that there’s no difference between a mink coat and mink eyelashes when it comes to animal suffering. Mink fur typically comes from fur farms, where stressed minks frantically pace and circle endlessly inside wire cages and many languish with untreated infections or broken bones. Some minks even self-mutilate as a result of the intensive confinement, gnawing on their own legs or tails. At the end of their miserable lives, they’re gassed or electrocuted or their necks are broken. Because minks are particularly susceptible to respiratory illnesses, mink farms around the world have become dangerous breeding grounds for disease and have been identified as COVID-19 hotspots.

“The good news is that there’s a huge variety of cruelty-free, synthetic lashes to buy,” Miller continues. “Always, always, always, opt for cruelty-free beauty products.”

Sephora, Tarte, Too Faced, Urban Decay, and Velour – the brand of false eyelashes worn by Meghan Markle on her wedding day – are all proudly fur-free. PETA is now calling on Tatti Lashes and Lilly Lashes to ban mink eyelashes.

Miller joins a growing list of celebrities – including Twiggy, Gemma Collins, Faye Winter, Rafferty Law, and Ashley James – who have starred in anti-fur campaigns with PETA.


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