To share or not to share a duvet? That’s a BIG question when it comes to sleeping with your partner

Bedding plays an essential role in sleep quality as it can affect temperature regulation and overall comfort. Getting those essential eight hours sleep every night is something that many of us just dream of. And yet all the research says that sleep and health are intrinsically linked to our mental and physical well being.

same bed
My duvet & your duvet, side by side on the same bed

Is it time for us Brits to adopt a new sleep strategy?

The Scandinavians have been sleeping with two separate single duvets on the same bed for years with research showing that they enjoy a much better night’s sleep. There really are lots of benefits for both parties in making this change.

The British appear to have a stiff upper lip on this subject and a resistance to change but believe me the “Scandi” way of sleeping could revolutionise your life.

How to start the conversation

So lets be brave and honest about why sleeping with our bed partner and sharing the same duvet is now under review. It’s not that we don’t love our partner but we don’t share facecloths or underclothes so why share the same duvet ?

We may fear upsetting our loved one but this conversation needs to be had. Don’t panic, help is on hand to smooth the way to getting your own way, sorry I mean your own extra large single duvet and in the tog weight of your choice. Read on….

Sleeping with a duvet hogger

If your partner is a duvet hogger, unintentionally of course, then there is more than just tension in the bed covers. The constant nightly tug of war is exhausting and can lead to hours of constant sleep disruption. Your partner pulls the duvet one way, then you pull it the other way leaving feet and backs exposed and both of you feeling mildly frustrated and exhausted.

I’m being generous with my words. The fact is, your sleep patterns are being interrupted when you could both be enjoying a relaxing night’s sleep. With two separate extra large single duvets on the same bed, it’s a win win for both parties.

Dealing with different body temperatures

If your partner has the body temperature of a furnace whilst you feel the slightest chill or visa versa then sharing a duvet just doesn’t work. This is a very common problem where one person needs a heavier tog weight duvet whilst the other only wants a light weight covering all year round. Sleeping with separate duvets allows you to choose from 2.5, 4.5, 10.5 or 13.5 tog weights, whichever best suits your body temperature.

Adopt The Scandi Way of Sleeping
Adopt The Scandi Way of Sleeping

What about the bedding aesthetics? 

No need to worry about your bed not looking beautifully dressed. The king sized bed in our image below is made up with a 4.5 tog and a 10.5 tog duvet side by side. These extra large single duvets measure 165 cm x  220cm) so also work perfectly if you sleep in a super king sized bed or even an emperor sized bed.

Other considerations when buying a new duvet

In addition to size and weight I’d ask you to also consider the quality of materials used to make your duvet and where it is manufactured. More and more consumers post Covid are moving towards a hollowfibre duvet for it’s feature benefits : comfort, hard wearing, hypoallergenic and machine washable.

Go on, have the conversation and then visit the website for more. 


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