Design Darling KOKET has Everything You Need to Create the Perfect Interior Inspired by And Just Like That… The New Sex and the City Revival Series.

When it comes to powerful women, glamour, and style, luxury home decor brand darling KOKET radiates the look! So when we heard Sex and the City was being revived on HBO Max as a new 10-episode series titled And Just Like That… we couldn’t wait to create moodboards to inspire your very own SITC interior design vibes.

In the original book by Candace Bushnell, as we read our minds envisioned the beautiful fashion and alluring interiors. The stunning looks were then brought to life in the six-season HBO series and again in two feature films. And now, with And Just Like That…, the fashion and interiors, updated for 2021, are sure to delight us once again. And sure to make you want the glamour in your world too!

So whether your look aligns more with Carrie, Miranda, or Charlotte, if you are looking to bring some Sex and the City vibes to your interior, KOKET has a look you will find hard not to fall head over heels for “Nostalgia Meets Romance”, Embrace Your Carrie Bradshaw Vibes:

Embrace Your Carrie Bradshaw Vibes
Embrace Your Carrie Bradshaw Vibes

As the lead character and narrator of Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw’s style can be defined as tailored, yet whimsical, sexy, and feminine. A sentimental soul with a love story that pulls at heartstrings and a sense of fashion impossible not to love, the Carrie mood by KOKET is for all the nostalgic romantics out there. Classic black and white, royal blue, flirty pink, and warm metallics instantly bring Carrie vibes. Further, bold single flowers and sensual feminine curves make an undeniable Carrie statement.

Channel Miranda’s “Edgy Refinement”
Channel Miranda’s “Edgy Refinement”

Miranda is all about business, and with a savvy ‘I am woman hear me roar’ demeanor. So Edgy Refinement really sums up her style beautifully! Rich earth tones and warm golds, accented with touches of black and enhanced by velvets sophisticated air, a Miranda-inspired interior is bold, comfortable, and city sleek:

Create “A New Level of Neutral Classics” With Charlotte
Create “A New Level of Neutral Classics” With Charlotte

Put together, spoken but unspoken, and definitely a queen of neutrals, a Charlotte-inspired interior will be all about artful details, warm neutrals, silky finishes, and a touch of feminine pretty in pink. The mood feels elegant yet still flirty. Pulling from KOKET’s softer side and adding a touch of nature-inspired glamour, the Charlotte look is all about a new level of neutral classics.

Daring design aesthetic, high impact shows, lavish presentations and the notoriously risqué ad campaigns, have an uncanny way of conveying KOKET’s mission to create highly desirable empowering statement pieces.

The innate desire to seduce and entice its devotees is perfectly illustrated in the Guilty Pleasures & Exotic Opulence Collections. Composed of dramatic case goods, luscious upholstery, exquisite lighting and decadent furs; all of which mesmerize with their magical mineral medley, lux metallics, vibrant jewel tones and exotic peacock feathers.

Since its inception in 2010, the U.S. based luxury brand’s savior faire has been intoxicating. The line is manufactured by master artisans and jewelers who leave no detail or element forgotten. KOKET’s principal designers are a group of exceptionally artistic and well-rounded product designers who are led by CEO & Founder Janet Morais’ creative eye and almost fanatic strive for perfection.

The brand is managed by an elite staff of highly skilled individuals who strive to create moments of design seduction while seamlessly selling the collection worldwide through a selective network of interior designers and luxury retail stores. The darling of the furniture industry carries an admirable list of accolades in the film industry, major international retail projects, top world hotels and hundreds of publications in the most renowned shelter and luxury publications.


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