Moving to a new place of residence is a process that requires special training and skills. It is necessary to pack a lot of things, taking into account their features, to keep them intact. The rule is especially true when packing dishes. Cups, plates, pans, glasses, cutlery, and pots are fragile items and require special packaging. It will protect things from damage, cracks, and beating. You can turn to professional packers and movers Los Angeles for help, and your dishes will definitely be safe and sound.

What Materials Should Be Used to Pack Breakable Dishes?

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Packaging peanuts or a greener substitute, such as biodegradable packing peanuts or green cushion foam, don’t gamble with unproven environmentally-friendly choices! Newspapers, bubble wrap, or any type of soft cushioning can be used between the dishes. A dishpack barrel is another name for a small box or carton that can contain little more than 10 lbs. Better still if you have the original box that your china arrived in, scotch tape, a magic marker, or a sharpie.

Packing China Plates and Bowls

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Porcelain tableware must be transported separately from plates, cups, and sets. Therefore, the packaging of different types of dishes is carried out in different ways. Porcelain plates are stacked in small piles, after wrapping each of them in wrapping paper or shifting with strips of corrugated cardboard. After that, the folded stack is still packed in polyethylene bubble wrap. To reduce the load on porcelain plates during transport, it is best to stack them on edge. Boxes in which plates, cups, and services will be transported must also be thoroughly reinforced. When packing porcelain, additionally wrap it with a soft towel or blanket. Place them in wooden boxes with rigid walls. They protect against impacts, and the contents are less likely to beat on the way. By following these simple algorithms and tips from the moving company in Marin County, you can move china plates and bowls safely and quickly.

Packing China Cups and Serving Dishes

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The most expensive and, at the same time, the most fragile are porcelain cups and serving dishes. These products are an indispensable element in serving festive tables and create a special mood. Therefore, many treat porcelain with a special feeling. It is important to understand that even massive-looking salad bowls and vases can be easily damaged during transportation. Therefore, the packaging of such dishes should be approached with great care. Experts, who provide Berkeley moving services, recommend using air-bubble plastic wrap for this. A crumpled paper should be placed inside the cups, and then, each of them should be wrapped in several layers of such a film. In its absence, you can use a soft cloth, foam rubber, and other types of insulation. All items must be packed tightly enough, and the free space filled with any sealant. For reliability, each product, after being wrapped, can still be fixed with adhesive tape so that it does not turn around. The most vulnerable place is the handles, so they should be additionally wrapped with several layers of napkins, corrugated soft paper, and fabric scraps. Handles must be deployed inside the box.


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